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Components of Home Solar Kits

With the recent drop in the price of photovoltaic technology, home solar kits have become a much more affordable utility option for homeowners and small business owners.  The use of this type of equipment will help to cut energy costs and to contribute to the protection of the environment by using clean, bountiful energy alternatives.  Some of the main conveniences of home solar kits are their quick installation times, their sustainability, and their longevity (panels frequently have the lifespan of 40+ years).  Some of the other benefits may include the ability to sell the excess power that is not used back to the local utility company via a process known as net metering.  Some states offer tax rebates and incentives to those that switch to this type of energy source. These power systems are most commonly placed on roofs to receive the most sunlight.  However, if there is ample space, a ground system can be a nice alternative.  

The most basic kit generally includes multiple panels, a mounting stand for those panels, a battery, a charge controller, a power inverter, and all the wiring and accessories for proper set up.  Although it seems like these home solar kits would be constructed of a more complex system, the beauty is that they are streamlined for efficiency.  Each piece has its own special function that is simple and low maintenance.  More than one panel is necessary because each panel is only capable of generating a set amount of energy.  The more panels there are, the higher the potential for energy generation.  The purpose of the battery is to store unused and excess energy.  Even on days without sunlight, the best solar panels allow a home to run off of the stored energy. 

The charge controller protects against the battery over charging or discharging.  The power inverter fulfills the important task of converting direct current (DC) energy into alternating current (AC) energy.  Electricity is the movement of electrons through conductors, such as wires.  DC energy is the flow of electrons in only one direction, while AC energy allows electrons to course in both directions.  Batteries like the ones used to store surplus energy in home solar kits utilize DC energy.  The electrical power grids employ AC energy.  The basic set up includes no moving parts or any elements that would need to be tampered with or routinely adjusted after the initial installation.   

Although some companies offer products that claim to be a 'Do It Yourself' type of project, set up and installation of this magnitude should only be trusted in the hands of a professional.  Mounting large equipment on a roof can be a potentially dangerous task and is best left to a person who has been professionally trained.  Furthermore, an expert has experience in how the wiring should be done and can ensure a working product.  A knowledgeable installer can have a solar roof system in place and ready to work in as short as two days. 

Once properly in place, the home solar kits will require little maintenance and will provide many benefits.  Assembling a system not only harnesses an abundant resource and saves money, but could also protect a building from blackouts or rolling brownouts.  Managing energy resources is becoming increasingly simple to do with the help of residential power systems like these.   

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