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Connecticut Solar Incentives For Renewable Energy Systems

Connecticut or CT solar incentives are a great way to explore how savings money now and in the future is possible with the purchase of a PV system or array. Look at some of the available incentives encouraging people to make a purchase.

A property tax exemption is available for anyone investing in renewable energy systems. Eligible energy sources include sun-powered water heaters, space heaters, and photovoltaics whether passive or active. Sectors eligible are commercial, industrial, and a number of residential and agricultural properties. The exemption is 100% for a qualifying source and product. A claim must be made at the local assessor’s office before November 1st.

There are CT solar rebates or programs for residential, commercial, and industrial properties whether replacing electricity or gas. In addition, the utility rebate is different according to whether the property is a new construction or alterations of an existing structure. CT solar incentives make it possible for many people to make a purchase that would otherwise not be possible. The maximum rebate varies according to many available factors. The technologies include using such things as geothermal heat pumps or sun-powered water heaters that depend on the power of the sun.

Recently, a new tax was implemented in 2011 that required all electric plants to pay over $2 per megawatt. This tax is bypassed 100% for customer-sited facilities and companies that generate renewable energy. There is an expiration date of July 1, 2013. However, all commercial sectors meeting these guidelines can avoid the non-green tax.

A rebate of up to $16,000 is available for non-profit and commercial organization adding or changing to a renewable energy source such as photovoltaics or similarly powered water heaters. The project will rebate up to 80% of the total cost up to $10,000 and then 20% for between $10,000 and $50,000. This is a great rebate program but it is only available in certain areas of Connecticut.

Another of the popular CT solar incentives is the solar thermal program. This is available state wide and available to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. New constructions, schools, and even nonprofits all qualify as applicable sectors. The amount rebated to the purchaser is decided by multiplying the SRCC “C” score by $70 then multiplying again by the total number of the collectors then once again multiplying by the appropriate shading factor. However, the maximum rebate is decided by figuring out 50% of the cost of the project.

Finding the best CT solar incentives is easy thanks to the copious amount of information available online. However, many people feel more comfortable talking to a real person. The local tax assessor’s office is a great contact for discovering answers to any questions concerning local regulations and available rebates or programs designed to get people started with photovoltaics. Experienced local professional solar installers are also capable of providing answers to those important questions.

With the available CT solar incentives, it is easy to purchase a photovoltaic system for any property. Most people can actually break even thanks to the many programs available today geared at assisting property owners with becoming eco-friendly. There are even loan programs that help numerous sectors with obtaining the upfront costs necessary to get started today.

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