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Connecticut Solar Power Is Efficient And Sustainable

In northern states such as Connecticut or CT, solar power may seem an unrealistic way of obtaining an alternative source of energy from the sun. However, many people are learning that it is a misconception that only the southern states are capable of providing enough sunlight to generate a household’s energy needs. Technologies have improved significantly leading to the debunking of many myths concerning CT solar power.

The sun is stronger and more easily available in southern states such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Setting up a photovoltaic system in a region with a lot of sun is simple and makes a lot of commonsense. It is also true that the more sunlight on the PV array, the more energy is collected, but the same holds true in many northern states. Yes, a direct line of sight is necessary between the PV system and the nearest star. However, even the colder regions have usable sunlight and can effectively provide energy to an entire household. Yes, even in CT, solar power can effectively provide renewable energy.

The amount of sun availability is just a small part of the equation. The PV system must be pointed in the right direction. The optimal angle and direction will vary from location to location. Even a poorly angled house is okay especially if the property will allow for the unit to be placed at ground level.

Another consideration must be the obstacles. Trees, shrubs, and other buildings can all cause an obstruction making a PV system obsolete. Sometimes those obstructions can be moved or removed, but there are situations where they are not movable making a photovoltaic system unrealistic.

Is solar power realistic in Connecticut?

Yes! The northern states can utilize maximum exposure to the sun. Sometimes, more arrays may be needed, or a property owner may simply tie into an existing grid to ensure a constant stream of electricity. But most properties will qualify for a system. Just because the property does not get twelve hours of direct sunlight a day does not mean the right amount of energy cannot be generated to operate a home. Placement of the PV system is vital and is the deciding factor when it comes to a successful install.

Before deciding on a system in CT, solar power generation and output must be investigated by a professional installer. There are so many factors that must be considered to ensure a better investment for the buyer. Sometimes it may be necessary to purchase stronger and more effective panels to obtain the desired amount of electricity; and other times, a solution can be found by tying into the utility grid to act as a backup.

In CT, solar power is possible even though there are numerous myths about the lack of availability. Hiring a professional installer will aid the purchaser in finding the best PV system for the money that will meet the needs of the property owner. Get started by contacting an expert in a nearby city or search the internet for a Connecticut based company. Don’t forget to look for financial or solar tax credits that might be available!

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