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Connecticut Solar Rebates Offer Incentive To Go Solar

In the year 2000 the state of Connecticut wanted to find a way to provide an incentive for using sun powered alternatives, so they started offering CT solar rebates.  These incentives are offered to anyone who is a home owner and purchases a photovoltaic system that produces carbon free electricity.  This was done through establishing the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.  It is still available today to home owners wishing to make the switch from relying completely on the electricity provided by the power companies on the grid.

The CCEF first must be contacted so that they can preselect an approved installer from over twenty that are available in each sector of the state, such as Solux.  The CCEF also oversees the entire process to ensure that the system will work properly once it is completely installed.  This is also the organization that will issue the CT solar rebates.  They do that in two steps.  The first sixty percent is paid upon completion, and after passing three inspections, the rest is paid. 

The installation company is completely responsible for all the appropriate paperwork.  They will fill it out and submit it to the state.  The home owner will receive approximately half of their total investment in the form of the rebate. 

In order to prequalify for the CT solar rebates, the CCEF insists that the installer come to the home and do a site survey.  This is done to make sure that the site is suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic system.  During this survey, it may also be found that the system of panels would be more suitably placed somewhere else on the property other than the roof.  This is because there has to be an unobstructed surface area available to the sun.  Also during this survey, the installer will then be able to recommend what sized photovoltaic system will be needed.  Once this information is adequately ascertained, the home owner will then know what the entire price will be before the CT solar rebates.

After the entire package has been installed, there will be three independent electrical inspections performed.  One will be done by the local electrical inspector to make sure that all of the wiring and other aspects of the package have been installed up to code.  The next inspection will be done by the electric company to make sure that everything has been done correctly and that the net metering meter is working properly.  Net metering involves selling back to the electric company the unused solar power that is generated by the system. The last inspection is done by the CCEF.  Once all inspections have been passed, the remaining CT solar rebates will then be paid in full.

In addition to this incentive, the entire package is one hundred percent deductible as a property tax exemption.  All of this was done as motivation for home owners, non-profit organizations and institutions to switch to this alternative source of energy.  This makes the investment not only manageable, but it can also eventually be profitable through net metering as an added bonus to the purchase. 

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