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Cost of Solar Panels Is Lowering

The cost of solar panels has always been the biggest factor in decisions made on whether to install them or not. A drop in solar prices in recent years has assisted numerous people in taking the leap, and using the sun’s power to light up their homes. As the cost of solar panels goes down, the number of consumers has increased exponentially.

Heliacal pieces are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into useable energy and electricity. The panels are generally made of silicon and gallium arsenide, though some are made by inserting amorphous silicon alloy into a constant roll-to-roll. The final cost of solar panels is measured in dollars per watt, though many people are unaware of this fact. In the direct sunlight, a single board’s output is two amps at two volts, though very rarely are the sheets in direct sunlight. The output is also dependent upon the weather outside, the angle, and the position of the boards.

From 2006 to 2011, the cost of solar panels has dropped by 50%, and is expected to continue with its decline in price in the years to come. Just a few years ago, the demand of a watt was seven dollars. However, in 2011, the charges plummeted to anywhere from two dollars per unit to $1.50 per unit. And currently, they have dropped as low as about 80-85 cents a watt. The benefits to this sudden plunge in price is that it is now cheaper than ever to buy and install empyreal boards, which in the long run save even more money, essentially paying for itself.

The cost of solar panels is lowering for many reasons. More competition is rising, and many are selling their services for a lower than average fee to gain a customer base. There has been a large increase in the supply for the ingredients to make the solar panels, allowing for production costs to go down as well. Large, utility-scale installations have begun to crop up, allowing for even larger installations. The reduction in price began when Germany introduced cheaper rates for both the installations and the production. This forced other companies to abate their charges as well, in order to not lose out on their clientel.

The drop in price has resulted in a large boost in sales, while making the power less dependent on contributions to compete with fossil fuels. Though demand for solar power has increased drastically, companies that manufacture the sheets have made more than enough. This has forced companies to slash their prices greatly. The figure lowering is expected to continue for at least another year before stabilizing, reaching to well below 85 cents a watt.

Made from photovoltaic cells, these scientifically constructed harvesters are used to gather the sun’s heliacal energy and transform it into electricity that is able to be used to power homes and small businesses. Though the overall rate used to be tens of thousands, it is much more cost effective to purchase and install solar power systems in current times. These drops in fees have occurred for numerous reasons, including competition rising, overflowing of supplies and the introduction of “premium rates” in other countries. Whatever the reason, the homeowner is the one who wins by purchasing a system that will free them from the dependence on their local utility company.

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