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Curtail Danger With Backup Generators In NY

When tropical storms or severe blizzards threaten the area, backup generators in NY can literally mean the difference between life and death. Without power, perishable food will thaw and rot within a few days. The home can become unbearably cold or hot, depending on the weather, and watching the news for important information will be impossible. That last concern is especially important. If someone gets sick or injured before power is restored, knowing where to seek medical care in the area is extremely important. Before investing in a backup power source, though, make sure the solution is custom fit to the home.

Backup generators in NY can run on one of many fuel sources. The most popular ones are gasoline or propane powered devices. Solar electricity systems and wind options are also available, though they obviously require some cooperation from nature to run. Diesel is also a viable choice, but is really only appropriate for an area that experiences frequent blackouts, as diesel engines are heavy duty machines that aren’t practical for the average homeowner.

That leaves gasoline and propane as the most frequently purchased options. Gasoline engines are usually the least expensive on the market and come in a wide range of sizes. They are easier to start, and can handle cold temperatures without too much trouble. The only issue with these backup generators in NY is the availability of the gasoline and storing it. Gas engines require around half a gallon of fuel per hour, so many gallons will need to be on hand if it will be used constantly. The problem with storing a lot of fuel is twofold. One, it requires safe storage as it can be a fire hazard if placed in the home. It will need to be kept in an area that is well ventilated. The other problem is that gasoline expires around six months and will need to be replaced. There is a balancing act when using this fuel source to power a setup – a decent amount is required to keep it running, but it may be problematic to replace large quantities of fuel every half-year. That being said, though, there’s a reason why these backup generators in NY are among the most popular. They’re cost effective, reliable and fuel is plentiful and accessible.

Propane is the other medium of choice, and is the most popular type of engine for setups in the 10 kilowatt range, which is the amount of energy required for a fairly large home. These backup generators in NY burn much cleaner than their gasoline cousins, and can usually last quite a bit longer too. Propane is readily accessible in most areas, but also needs to be stored safely, as it is can be a combustion and explosive hazard if care isn’t taken. For a 10 or so kilowatt engine, it will require about two gallons of fuel every hour to keep running. An important thing to note about propane tanks in cold weather is that huge tanks of propane may freeze up when running on vapors, so multiple small mass tanks are more effective and safer than one or two larger tanks.  Whichever option is chosen, this can make any amount of time without power much more bearable.

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