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Details On Home Solar Power Systems

The use of home solar equipment makes use of one of the most abundant natural resources we have access to, the sun. Continuous technology advancements and an increased focus on the environment have led to a growing demand for this form of green energy. With proper research and professional guidance, any property owner can obtain panels that will give back in more ways than one. From decreased expenses to an increased value of the structure, the investment in home solar equipment will be worth it for years to come.

To convert sunshine into electricity for a residence, solar panel installation with panels  made up of photovoltaic cells are placed atop the house. These cells convert the incoming light into DC power. This power is then brought through an inverter to further convert the energy into the standard form of power used around the property, also known as AC power. Through a breaker box, the altered energy is available wherever it is needed throughout the property. Although it sounds complicated, the tools required for a home solar set-up are not extensive. From pools to indoor appliances, this form of green power can easily be acquired once the necessary research and requirement execution have occurred. 

Property owners must first determine whether their structure and its surrounding environment is sufficient for such equipment, and will allow for maximum energy production. A professional will look at the condition, as well as the age of the roof to ensure it will withstand the twenty or more years the equipment will be on there. The best rooftops for maximum power production will be made of composite, however wood and concrete tiles will work as well. It should have an unobstructed path to the energy producing rays. Slightly slanted roofs and those facing south, west, or east are ideal to ensure the utmost exposure. Another determining factor will be the space available for the necessary equipment. With each kilowatt requiring about 100 square feet, the typical arrangement will need somewhere in the range of 300 to 600 square feet of open installation space. 

Once those aspects are met, a home solar system requires various components to effectively provide power to the house, often found in home solar kits. The equipment will include the actual panel segments themselves that begin the energy conversion process previously described. Then an inverter is necessary to convert this DC power to the required AC form for use inside. Specialized batteries are used to hold the initial DC format. When fully charged it will suspend the flow of electricity to the residence. Stored power is held for those times when the sun’s rays are not in contact with the panels. This includes nighttime hours, overcast days, or in the case of temporary obstruction. A solar regulator or charge controller are included to maximize battery life, and protect it from incoming power damage. Other equipment components will include grounding tools, junction boxes, and installation hardware. 

When high quality home solar equipment is obtained through a knowledgeable professional it will call for minimal maintenance, aside from the occasional cleaning to ensure maximized energy production. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as hail and lightning, but the panels typically come with a warranty for added protection in the case that any unforeseen damage occurs. 

In addition to the continuing advancements in this green technology field, the incentives available at both the federal and state levels have allowed many more homeowners to incur the long term benefits this investment can provide. Increased demand and declining costs will also put many more panels on rooftops everywhere for years to come.

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