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Details On The Energy Savings Alliance

The Energy Savings Alliance works to educate the nation on power efficiency while creating beneficial programs that create cost effective standards and support for current and future implementation. Since its launch in 1977 the organization has continuously partnered with the government as well as the public to achieve high levels of resource preservation and to promote the many advantages that energy efficiency has to offer. From their detailed mission to their numerous projects there have been many obstacles, yet the Energy Savings Alliance persists in the green movement to protect the environment and its people.

Through its work the group strives to achieve a world of reduced power use and the means for individuals and businesses to contribute to the efforts. To execute their efficiency mission there are a variety of aspects their 90+ employees focus on. They perform research on the science, legal, and financial approaches for reduction. Not only do they work to create new purposeful technology, they develop projects that will assist in the saving methods their experts design. In order to communicate their mission at all levels of implementation, the Energy Savings Alliance engages with the corresponding government agencies, the public, and everyone in between to introduce cost-effective policies to decrease the level of greenhouse gas emissions produced. In addition, they educate the nation on living in a way that will ultimately reduce utility consumption. Lastly, they aim to create worldwide affiliations in hopes of achieving a global efficiency movement with a positive impact on environmental protection.

Co-founded in 1977 by Senators Hubert Humphrey and Charles Percy, the Energy Savings Alliance was born to confront the insufficient power practices that followed the OPEC oil embargo crisis
. By gathering top bi-partisan leaders from numerous sectors they endorsed a universal attempt for maximum sustainability. Within the first year changes began to occur including the creation of the U.S. Department of Energy to oversee the funding and formation of efficiency policies and programs. Following this ground breaking step national legislation began to be approved including the tax credits and vehicle fuel efficiency standards in 1978 and the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987. 1978 was also the start of the organization's original national media campaign to promote conservation on a larger scale. This first television ad was just the beginning as awareness via various media outlets has continued and has seen much success including its award winning PSA commercial "Static Electricity House". The creation of the EPA's Efficiency Programs and EPAct in the early 1990's, the 1993 formation of numerous support councils including the Building Codes Assistance Project, and the increases in funding provided by Congress in the late 90's and early 2000's have all played critical roles in the progression of sustainability achievement.

Other milestones directly impacting the Energy Savings Alliance and their mission include the start of their International Program, the opening of their first overseas office in Russia, the passing of the historic Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, and the increases in their own efficiency based programs. Their programs target education and international relations as well as construction and policy. A few of their larger programs include the Green Campus Program, Industrial Program and their Policy and Research Program.   

Through its many active approaches with the public as well as government and commerce leaders, the organization has and continues to have a substantial impact on global power use. From its widespread education to the fight for funding and policy change, their mission for cost effective efficiency reduces our carbon footprint each and every day.

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