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There are several ways to save energy that are also cost effective, but they take a little effort and discipline to pull off. Utility bills are a major hassle for families around the nation, but they don’t have to be.  With some focus, a homeowner can recoup several hundred dollars a year on conserved electricity. Before shelling out a bunch of cash to make major changes, consider some of these quicker fixes.

The easiest method to curtail waste is to just power down devices and lights when they are not in use. This sounds like a no-brainer, but shutting things off will not only cut down on bills, it will extend the life of the device. To do this right, it’s best to unplug electronics after switching them off, as some devices have LEDs or display lights that remain on even when the item is turned off. Among ways to save energy, this one requires real discipline, but can be highly effective.

Other effective ways to save energy are products that help climate seal the home. While these do take a modest financial investment, they are much less expensive than modifying infrastructure or renovating the building. Weather stripping a building involves plugging cracks and holes around window and door seams. A building can lose a lot of climate control through these sieves, so sealing them up can cut down on the air conditioner or heater use. A product that excels at reducing strain on HVAC units is window film. These filters are inexpensive, and insulate the home by blocking out sun and preventing heat spikes inside. They are pretty simple to install, and don’t take any special expertise or tools to set up.

Precise climate control is the among the best ways to save energy, and exercising discipline with the thermostat can make this happen. When going out of town, or just to work, set the thermostat up a few degrees and bring it back down only when home. It doesn’t take long to cool or heat a building, and only running the HVAC unit when there are people home can take a huge bite out of utility bills.

When it’s time to replace the appliances in the home, consider an efficient appliance. Energy Star rated electronics function as well as similar devices, but come with the EPA stamp of approval. These devices use much less electricity than standard appliances, sometimes up to 30 percent less, and don’t usually cost any extra.

Switching out inefficient electronics and light fixtures for greener versions are great ways to save energy, and are simple to pull off. Tungsten light bulbs are practically antiques at this point, and their inefficiency is notorious. These bulbs are poor at converting electricity into light, and waste a lot while producing dangerous amounts of heat. Instead, use compact fluorescent light bulbs, because they are much more efficient and safer to the touch. Over their lifetime, which lasts around 10 times longer than tungsten bulbs, they can prevent a homeowner from spending roughly 80 more dollars on an alternative. When all of these simple tactics are combined, a homeowner can avoid being chained to high utility bills.

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