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Is An Energy Savings Calculator Reliable?

An energy savings calculator can have a significant impact on a utility bill. People head to the internet looking for ways to lower a high utility bill, and they come across online applications that promise big results. These applications are fairly simple and use common variables to provide information to the user, so all the customer has to do is enter some personal data. But if the consumer wants the most effective solutions, it is usually best to turn to a professional.

But why turn to a professional?

There are a number of complicated variables that come into play when trying to lower utility bills. A consultant will need to carefully analyze the data provided, and then make recommendations the consumer can understand and implement. Each solution will be customized to the individual, and will be based on personal habits, location, and history.

Getting a professional to help find ways to save money may sound expensive, but the truth is that most companies provide a free consultation to potential and current customers. Residential and commercial properties all qualify, and getting started is as simple as making a phone call. Numerous utility companies have websites that make it as easy as clicking a button to get in contact with an expert.

An online energy savings calculator is a good concept, but it is inaccurate and complicated. There are a lot of variables that go into figuring out how much money can be saved. The type of heating and cooling system, the year of the home, the window thickness, and insulation all play a part in how much is spent on power. The square footage of the property in total, and the dimensions of each room play a significant part in deciding how power is utilized and how potential changes can affect the home or office. Simple changes can have an enormous impact, while big changes may not have as much of one.

While an online energy savings calculator may not be ideal, it does still have its benefits. These programs may be complicated and inaccurate, but they are good sources of generalized information to get the customer started. If a person is patient and thorough, it is very possible to get a rough estimate. It can also give overall suggestions for ways of improving future utility bills. Homeowners may decide to use it to figure out whether or not it is a good idea to upgrade appliances, HVAC systems, or change windows.

Nevertheless, an energy management team is much better than an energy savings calculator. The team is able to visit the property and offer suggestions based on personal experience and education. Not all 10-foot by 12-foot rooms are the same regardless of the dimensions, and professionals must visibly see the property before deciding what will work best. The team works on the project as a unit, and the consumer is always included. In fact, a team will help educate the consumer so smarter choices are made today and in the future.

Deciding it is time to reduce costly utility bills and conserve power requires hiring a team. An energy savings calculator, while not 100% accurate, can provide the consumer with a generalized plan of action. The best plan is one that is customized specifically for the consumer after a visual inspection and other data inquiries are conducted by the team. Getting started is easy with a simple phone call to a qualified management team.

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