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Explore The Benefits Of Solar Power

In a world that is increasingly focused on green issues and sustainability, the benefits of solar power cannot be overlooked. Installing PV panels for the home offers several short-term and long-term perks.

For the environmentally conscious consumer, using energy from the sun is the perfect resource. The sun is practically an infinite reservoir.  Panels can be installed in a roof solar panel system on the top of houses thus removing the need to tear up any additional earth and keep land use to a minimum. Many panels are also made with parts that are easily recycled.  These parts can be used to manufacture new panels when an older one breaks down. Everything about sun power, from the technology to the parts, is done with sustainability in mind. The environmental perks of this approach are well known and documented.

The financial benefits of solar power are a bit more complex. The investment upfront can be rather significant.  As technology improves, however, the upfront costs decrease. People in the industry call the first several years after installing the panels the “payback period.” In short, this is the stretch of time that the panels need to make up the costs of installation with free electricity.  Typically, this is a period that would be filled with expensive electricity bills anyway. After the payback period, homeowners can enjoy clean, free and low-impact energy for the rest of their lives. The return on investment is very high for those that think long- term.

Homes using panels can tap into their local electrical grids to extract a little more bang for their buck. Homeowners can still make use of a utility connection to draw a touch more energy if their panels aren’t covering all of it.  One of the more tangible benefits of solar power is homeowner’s getting paid for allowing local utility companies to draw off excess energy from their panels. Many utility companies are willing to make a deal that pays homeowners for their extra energy that is not being used.  This process is known as net metering.

The belief that energy panels falter during the night or cloudy days is an urban myth. During peak hours, panels often generate more energy than a home requires for normal use. Fortunately, this excess energy is not lost, but is instead stored in battery storage packs that can switch over when the situation calls for it. So among the other benefits of solar power, these panels can store up energy for a rainy day (literally) and not miss a beat when the weather isn’t cooperating in the area.

Panels using energy from the sun are designed to last and to stay out of the way. Very little maintenance is required to keep them running. Some need no maintenance at all. The standard run for a sun-powered unit is somewhere around 30 years.   At least 20 years of free electricity from solar electricity systems can be expected with each installation. Some newer models can last even longer.

There are several benefits of solar power.  It is the responsible thing to do in a world starving for energy resources.  Its use gives the freedom from high electricity bills, uneven electricity usage and random outages.

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