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Facts On Renewable Energy By Solar Power

When it comes to renewable energy, solar power leads the way in popularity. Debunking the myths associated with this efficient source helps consumers understand the true advantages of switching from the traditional utility company. There is no need to be tied to a high bill each month just to have the amenities most people are accustomed to on a daily basis. Just because a household uses a variety of electronics and appliances does not mean those luxuries have to keep costing the owner.

What are some of the myths associated with owning a photovoltaic system?

Myth 1 – This technology will not work in climates without a lot of heat and sun.

Fact 1 – Ever gotten a sunburn on a cloudy day? Just because the sun is not visible does not mean it is not there. In fact, many systems will work even better in a slightly cooler temperature. How is this possible? The system operates at exceptionally high temperatures of around 180 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit when in extremely hot climates. Many PV units have an optimal operating temperature that is significantly lower, which means the cooler the climate the better the unit operates.

Myth 2 – In regards to renewable energy, solar power technologies will decrease in price.  Consumers should wait until the price drops.

Fact 2 – Right now the technologies that bring consumers PV systems are priced lower than ever before. Now is the ideal time to make a purchase. The low unit price and incentives have never been better. However, those incentives do have a time limit and will expire. Purchasing a system today will ensure the purchaser qualifies for the incentives before they vanish.

Myth 3 – All excess power will all be stored in batteries for later use.

Truth 3 – As is common with renewable energy, solar power is beneficial for many purposes. Consumers often choose this source because it can actually make the property owner money. The excess power is stored in batteries for property use, but those batteries have limits. These systems are generally tied into the utility grid. This is beneficial because if there is an emergency, the consumer can utilize what that grid has to offer, albeit for a fee. Another benefit is that excess power not stored in batteries is released into the grid and purchased by the utility company. The utility company actually pays the consumer for this excess!

Myth 4 – Panels in or around the property will increase property taxes.

Truth 4 – In reference to renewable energy, solar power is by far the most cost effective. Yes, the value of the property does indeed increase. However, most states offer an exemption for installations. The savvy investor will see a significant increase in property value without the increase in taxes. Most property improvements do not offer this benefit.

When choosing renewable energy, solar power just makes common sense. There is no reason why a smart property owner would not consider the true advantages of ownership. The investment is minimal in comparison to the number of benefits. Making better choices starts with separating the myths from the facts.

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