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Finding The Best Solar Installers

Finding the best solar installers can be a bit overwhelming to some, especially if the consumer is unsure of where to start. Each of these professionals provide a valuable service for the consumer, but not all companies are created equal.  To ensure a better project the customer must carefully investigate a potential company to get the answers that set one expert above the rest. If it were as easy as comparing prices, the task would be a breeze. However, price is not always indicative of experience, quality, or skill.

The efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) array is important. The higher the efficiency the less space the system will take. The company completing the project should understand how to ensure a maximum potential of the available space. The efficiency rating has nothing to do with how soon the unit will pay for itself, in fact, the score simply means a higher efficiency array will take up less space making it easier to place the PV array on a roof or other surface. The best solar installers will provide a maximum use of the available space.

The inverter has an efficiency rating, too. Carefully examine that score because the higher the score the bigger the rebate. Every percentage higher that the score gets, the more cash back for the owner. An example would be that a single percentage increases the rebate by about 3 percent. Of course, the higher efficiency rating on the inverter also means a lot more power over the life of the entire unit.

Another suggestion is to actually visit the company worksite. The best solar installers have a professional office or warehouse. It is vital to the consumer to take a look at the office because it says a lot about the professionalism of the business. While home operated offices are great in some industries, a company that is warranting work and craftsmanship for the next thirty years should be able to provide a worksite that will be around as well. 

The most important question to ask is the manufacturers minimum guaranteed power for the PV array. If there is just one thing any possible purchaser should ask it is this one. Ask the retailer or manufacturer and take a look at the specification sheet. A negative tolerance score of 10% is not acceptable. That means that a solar panel capable of producing 100 watts of power is guaranteed to produce at least 90 watts. This may not seem like a bad idea, but many reliable and reputable installation companies offer 5% negative tolerance. The difference really adds up and ensures that the buyer is dealing with one of the best solar installers in the industry.

Deciding on purchasing an entire photovoltaic system can be an expensive investment. However, the potential purchaser can get a better unit by asking the right questions and verifying the answers. The best solar installers all have things in common that guarantee a better investment. Just because there is a lot at stake does not mean the buyer has to go at it blindly hoping that chance provides a better completed project. Instead, carefully research what to expect and how to get more cash back while achieving maximum power potential in the smallest space.

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