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Help Me Lower Heating Bills With Alternative Solutions

“Help me lower heating bills,” is a popular appeal of home owners as temperatures drop in the winter months.  Using the Internet to search for ways to help me lower heating bills will result in a variety of websites and blogs devoted to the topic of providing tips for decreasing the cost of utilities. Some approaches to lowering those charges, ranging from small household projects like caulking and weather stripping areas that let air into the home, to purchases of equipment that are energy star rated have a long term impact. The caulking and weather stripping can save as much as 20% on monthly temperature related utilities. The most obvious and common suggestion is to turn down the temperature when asleep or not at home. It is estimated that for each degree the thermostat is lowered, 3% can be saved on the utility charge. An effective way to do this is to use a programmable thermostat, but it is important to actually use the program features in order to reap the maximum benefit. Although caulking, weather stripping, and the appropriate thermostat are great short term measures, for long term savings using highly efficient appliances, equipment and alternative energy can be an excellent approach.

When asking oneself, “How can in home alternative energy help me lower heating bills?”, it quickly becomes clear that achieving energy efficiency is only part of the battle to  cheaper utility costs. As energy costs stay on the rise, using in home alternative energy measures like geothermal heat pumps or solar panels can do a bulk of the work. These long-term solutions can provide long term peace of mind and independence from the energy market.

Using a home geothermal energy system can reduce utility costs because it reduces the demand on the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. It achieves this by drawing heat from below the frost line that is used to reduce the required overall change in temperature that the HVAC must achieve.  

Solar panels are an out of the way installation that can potentially be so effective at energy production that the excess can be sold back to the utility company.

An on demand water heater does not require a tank and only provides hot water as it is needed. They have been known to outlast models that store water by spans of 5-10 years or more.  The cost of operation and the energy requirements are less than those of standard models. Less energy is wasted because without a tank they are not subject to loss of warmth while on standby.  

An often asked question is “Will Energy Star appliances help me lower heating bills?”  It is acknowledged that Energy Star products are top of the line when it comes to efficiency.  The range of appliances they offer can reduce utility costs in all areas of a home.  

Someone wanting to know, “What is the best way to help me lower heating bills” may be looking for a one step solution, but lowering the operational cost of a system that warms and cools a building is a series of changes. Choosing a combination of approaches will yield the most savings.  There are many ways to improve a home and decrease bills, depending on the time and money an owner has to invest in the project.

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