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Home Solar Power

Home solar power is an alternative energy solution that can convert sun cells into an electrical current that can be used to power a residence. There are two types of active home solar power systems: liquid based and air based. The liquid based heats water (or an antifreeze solution) in a hydronic revenue, while the air based system heats air inside an air collector. Both of these systems absorb radiation and move it to the inside of the building. Oftentimes, these systems are tax exempt, and can earn extra cash for the user.

The use of home solar power can save, as well as earns, money in the long-run. The energy from the sun is infinite and free, allowing one to power their household by 10,000 times the energy they would receive from utility companies. The cash spent on such systems can be repaid within a few years of use through savings on electric bills alone.  However, some people have earned money back by selling excess electricity to utility providers. These can also lower yearly bills by 80%, and allows for independence from electric companies. These are huge returns on something that has a one-time cost, and pays for itself in a few years.

The advantages are large as well, taking in to account recent drops in price. Home solar power is reliable and uses a renewable resource, as the sun is almost always shining to provide electricity when needed. A way to collect the energy has been devised in order to also have electricity at night, by storing away solar cells in batteries during the day that can be used when the sun goes down. The best solar panels are easy enough to maintain, as they only require cleaning once a year to remove dirt, and simple to install if using a professional. The systems are less expensive than in past years, lasting at least thirty years and the only price to pay is for the system itself. They are environmentally friendly, as they do not produce noxious fumes that infect the air.

Recent price cuts have made home solar power even more affordable for residential and commercial buildings. What use to cost over $2.00 per watt is now only 80 cents a watt. This is a large slash in price, as it used to cost thousands to purchase and install, and would take over ten years to recover the investment. With the price lowered as much as they have been, it now only takes five years or so to get a return on the investment. These investments are even better, because with the batteries one could have excess electricity to auction off to electric companies.

With the price cuts, as well as the potential to earn money from utility companies, this is an investment many people are making, whether they are attempting to power their company or their home. Though it was more expensive in the past, it is much more affordable now to purchase these systems. The benefits are many, and this is why many people are opting for this type of renewable energy.

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