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Home Solar System Vs Business Solar System

There is a lot of talk today about whether or not to install a home solar system.  With electric bills soaring higher and higher, it is natural that most people would be looking for some relief from these energy bills.  Of course, there are many who do not completely understand what this is.  They don’t understand how it works or what it costs.  House owners want to know more about how it is installed and whether or not there are any types of tax breaks that will offset the costs.  These are great questions.  However, business owners have the same questions. This leaves one to ask the question of what is the difference between residential and business energy packages.

The biggest difference between the business and home solar system would be the sheer size of it.  Each one of the panels that are put on a roof or frame has a limit to how much power it can create from the sunlight that it has collected.  The more power that needs to be generated, the more panels will have to be included with each system to supply that demand with solar panel technology.  Some people wish to only install enough panels to supplement their electrical usage from the power company.  Others want to be totally off the grid and produce all of their own electricity, independent of an outside electric provider.  A larger amount of panels would also enable a house or a business to operate everything that they need to run in the event that there would be a power outage. 

There are incentives given out by the U.S. Department of Energy, and some states have their own incentives as well.  Some of the electric companies and cooperatives also offer rebates for those wishing to install a home solar system.  These are usually spread over several years but they will help to offset the total cost of having the panels placed in a residence or business. 

This is an investment that will pay for itself rather quickly.  A home solar system is going to not only keep energy costs down, but it could be a great help should a catastrophe strike.  Some areas also have a program called net metering.  This involves being able to sign a contract with the local power company that allows the house owner to sell back to the electric plant any of the electricity that they generate but do not use.  This is a great way to earn extra money towards the electric bill.  However, not all areas participate so it is best to inquire as to whether or not net metering is offered in the city or neighborhood of residence. 

More and more people are looking for ways to live a life that is less wasteful and less dependent on things that harm the atmosphere or soil, such as some of the fuels that are used to generate electricity.  This is what sends many people on the journey towards obtaining a home solar system.  It is one of the best investments that a house owner can make today.

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