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Homeowners Can Save Money With Geothermal Energy

Homeowners who are getting gouged by their energy company can save money with geothermal power. While solar, wind and hydroelectric are all viable alternative sources of electricity, using heat from the Earth is often overlooked, but those that invest in it can create a stable source of climate control that helps mitigate some of the power load in the home.

No matter where the home is located, there is a massive source of heat sitting under the surface that is waiting to be unlocked. The setup consists of a series of heavy duty pipes that are run deep into the ground. The pipes are between four and six inches in diameter, and how deep they are situated depends on where the setup is being installed. While anyone can save money with geothermal energy, the home’s location and the geological strata underneath it will determine how easy the drilling will be.

This power system is pretty simple to understand, and is built around the concept of a hot water circuit.  Massive amounts of pressure inside the Earth create areas of intense heat that is conducted to the surface. The piping from the system is filled with water that is cool enough to absorb the excess warmth radiating from the area. This heat is then transferred into the home and warms up the interior temperature or water that will be used for bathing and other duties. In the summer, this flow can be reversed, and the compressor in the circuit can alter the temperature in the refrigerant and water in the piping to let in conduct heat into the ground instead of picking it up. While a homeowner can save money with a geothermal unit, there are several other benefits to installing one.

The unit does require some power to run, but it is much more efficient at handling climate control and warming up water, so it conserves energy while engaging in these processes. A home system does not generate electricity, so outside sources will still need be needed to power the home, but when it comes to altering temperature, a homeowner will save money with geothermal. They are very clean, and don’t produce any significant levels of pollutants. As a result, the major parts to the circuit can be set underground and without any venting, making it invisible to anyone who doesn’t know it’s there. Finally, they are very reliable setups, and can last for decades before needing to be replaced. Minimal maintenance is required before reaching the end of its lifespan as well.

Of course, the real question is to what degree a homeowner can save money with a geothermal unit. The answer really depends on how efficient the home’s current HVAC system is. If it is inefficient, then replacing it with a renewable source of energy from the Earth can save thousands a year, meaning the payback period will be around a few short years. This idea and technology is fascinating, and it is helping people maintain better temperature control for less money.

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