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How Can I Lower My Utility Bill?

Homeowners are always asking the question, “How can I lower my utility bill?” 2011 to 2012 saw much of the United States reaching record temperatures, and higher energy costs all year round. These costs are easily counteracted, and many small adjustments can be made to one’s existing energy HVAC system to achieve up to fifty percent savings each month.

Each year the American family spends an average of more than $1,600 on energy costs. When asking how can I lower my utility bill, one solution is hiring a certified HVAC technician to make annual system checkups. These technicians are trained to inspect and increase the efficiency of one’s ducts, heating, A/C, and ventilation systems. These annual checkups increase the efficiency of one’s HVAC system by twenty percent. Many communities’ local energy providers will perform free to minimal cost energy audits. Another small tip to cut costs is using fans to circulate air instead of relying solely on the A/C. This helps save additional money on monthly utility expenses.

After these changes have been applied, many homeowners still ask, “How can I lower my utility bill even more?” A good place to continue working toward this goal is to inspect the insulation of one’s home. The latest energy efficient insulations can be installed for an even greater savings. Cellulose insulation is the most efficient to install and maneuver around existing structures. Installing door sweeps also reduces monthly energy costs as it keeps the outside drafts from coming in. These inexpensive products have the ability to keep up to fifteen percent of unwanted heat out or in, depending on the season. Additionally, be mindful to unplug and turn off as many devices, chargers, and electrical appliances as possible. Stand-by electricity accounts for five to ten percent of the average yearly residential energy consumption.

If the question of how can I lower my utility bill is still being asked, the answer is often found in alternative energy sources. Homeowners are rapidly gaining the ability to research and select solar companies of their choosing because many states are deregulating the electricity industry. Many times these companies utilize renewable energy sources such as solar power. The varying solar energy options offer customers five to fifteen percent in monthly savings. Selecting a fuel like solar energy gives clients the freedom from relying on the volatile prices of oil and coal.

HVAC systems are responsible for fifty percent of the residential energy used in the U.S. Implementing solar technology cuts this usage in half. In cold weather climates solar energy accommodates sixty to seventy percent of all domestic hot water needs. Passive solar technologies can also be added to homes with a minimal effort. These technologies use a home’s natural climate and other simple technologies to keep heat in during winter and out during the summer. This greatly minimizes the amount that the heater and A/C need to be run, producing noticeably lower energy costs. Several easy ways to employ passive solar technologies are using light dispersing or solar protective window tint, keeping the blinds closed, and selecting renovation materials with a desirable thermal mass. Making the switch to any form of solar energy in combination with these energy saving tips provides the perfect answer for any homeowner asking, “How can I lower my utility bill?”

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