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How Home Solar Panels Slightly Differ From Commerical Panels

Home solar panels have risen in popularity among residential owners, as well as many business proprietors. The product is installed best when done professionally. It is an environmentally safe option that also permits the customer to save money over time.

The few differences between home solar panels and ones utilized for commercial buildings are small. The business units can be installed on company buildings thus providing the same amount of efficiency as the home counterpart.  When installed, it gives the roofing a new appearance with the estate value increasing greatly by the addition. Consumers are switching to solar power daily because of the many benefits they include.

These units are made up of about seventy two cells. A residential board is an entire foot thinner than a commercial one. This amount is efficient enough for a household, but not a business that requires more power. The product may be white or black, but it is more common for the units to be white in a residential environment. Black panels are only purchased if the board’s visibility is a problem. During installation, the unit can be mounted with a bolted rack system if it is deemed necessary.

The home product has an efficiency of around 18.1% which is the captured energy to electricity rate.  Since home solar energy systems have fewer cells than the type that is installed to a commercial building, it produces a slightly smaller amount of energy.

By contrast, if the product is manufactured for a commercial roof, it produces a larger amount of energy. With a total of ninety six cells, it works at an average efficiency of 18.6%. Upon installation, if being set up on a flat roof, the installer will often use a non-penetrating mounting system.  This format permits a quicker installation. Businesses often prefer this type of product because it produces a higher efficiency, allowing a larger amount of savings per year. The company is able to use their funds for better equipment due to the large amount of savings.

Home solar panels and commercial products do share some similar qualities. They are installed to assist in lowering the utility bills and save the customers money annually. Each offers financing options to allow people to purchase the product in a more manageable way. The savings alone pay for the money spent in materials and installation after only a few years. Because the charges are often based on the produced kilowatts per hour, the price is sometimes the same regardless of which type of paneling is purchased. A residential owner may install commercial panels to their home if they have a need for more than average power and still pay the same fee.

When one chooses to install home solar panels, they are not only saving money on monthly utility expenses, but they are also reducing their carbon footprint. They can even go beyond that and sell their excess stored energy back to the local utility companies to make an even larger positive impact on the environment.

Although many people believe this clean energy technology is only useful in southern parts of the country, it is actually able to be used anywhere in the country.  If a storage component is installed the residence can benefit from this method even when there are several cloudy days in a row. Environmental safety and an eco-friendly existence are provided with this type of system, making it more attractive than ever before.

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