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How To Install Solar Power Kits

Solar power kits are something that more people are considering installing on their homes.  These kits use multiple panels to attract light from the sun to create energy, saving the consumer money on their electricity bill.  After deciding to buy this product, the customer will have to decide who will install it.  Should they attempt to install the panels themselves, or should they leave the instillation process to a professional?

Installing solar power kits alone may seem like a good idea to some homeowners.  They think it would be easier then calling a professional.  However, if more research would have been done they would find that there are many reputable companies that specialize in installing this type of equipment, and it only takes one phone call to get an estimate.  After contacting the company for installation, a trained professional will come to the home and install all of the equipment properly for the homeowner.

Another reason a homeowner may believe installing solar power kits themselves may be a good idea is the cost.  If a homeowner plans on buying solar panels, self-installing the panels may be cheaper, but is it really worth the hassle and danger involved in the process?  When setting up the equipment, there are usually about 6-10 steps.  Each step must be done precisely and correctly to ensure safety and efficiency.  Installing the equipment involves many hazardous materials and byproducts.  Without proper education and certification to handle these materials, the homeowner could be putting themselves and the environment in danger.  Chlorosilanes and hydrogen chloride are substances found in the equipment packaging, and both are highly volatile.  If they are mixed with water, they can explode.  Chlorosilanes and silane are other substances found in the equipment that can catch on fire and even explode.  Silicon tetrachloride is a chemical found in the equipment that can cause burns to the skin, and cause serious irritation to a person's lungs.

Since the average homeowner does not have knowledge of the science behind the chemicals associated with solar power kits, self-instillation is not recommended.  This equipment must be put together meticulously.  If any one of the steps is done improperly, the homeowner risks their health, the safety of the property, and their financial investment in the product.  This equipment is placed very strategically.  Companies install the equipment when the sun is full up, usually between noon and two.  For best results, the technician will set the equipment in a place that will maximize the sunlight the house receives.  To accomplish this, the homeowner will need an experienced professional who is knowledgeable on the solar latitude, or angles and placements of the sun and the rooftop.  In addition, in order to install this product the homeowner must be educated about electrical wiring and the structure of a home.  When a professional installs the equipment, they consider the structure of the home and the weight of the panels to ensure they are placed in a location that can adequately support the equipment.

If homeowners buy solar power kits, using a professional instillation company is always the best way to ensure the job is done right.  Hiring a professional is worth the money.  They are trained to install this equipment and will do it safely and properly.

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