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How To Lower Utility Bills With Energy Efficiency

The dependence on electricity as the prices for energy rise make people want to know how to lower utility bills. Making a home more energy efficient by replacing windows, adding caulking, increasing insulation, and altering behavior patterns to include turning off lights in vacant rooms and unplugging unused electronics may be a bigger project and life change than some people are willing to undertake.  When looking for how to lower utility bills besides changing light bulbs in favor of incandescent options, one of the best places to start is renewable energy.

Installing an alternate power source in the home allows a person to replace electricity that is purchased from a utility company with energy that they produce themselves. Depending on the efficiency of the system, a bill can be offset or even entirely eliminated.   Over time the cost of the system turns out to be a positive return on investment as it immediately goes to work on saving money. As technology advances, energy options that were previously too expensive are now becoming accessible to average homeowners and may be the answer on how to lower utility bills.

Renewable energy sources have the benefit of reducing a home’s carbon footprint, as well as minimizing reliance on imported fuels. Some states have policies and rebates that support and encourage the implementation of alternative energy sources. Some states even have the option of allowing a homeowner to sell any extra energy they produce back to the utility company or receive a credit for it.

There are a few options when trying to figure out how to lower utility bills with green energy, but of all the choices solar power is one of the most convenient and readily available.  Options like hydroelectricity and wind, although effective, are not suited for small-scale use in neighborhoods for a home.  Hydroelectricity requires access to a dam, and ample space is necessary for wind turbines. Similarly, geothermal power is extremely useful, but only in specific areas.  Geothermal power relies on the proximity to cracks in tectonic plates, and that may not be a convenient option for people in some areas of the country.  Natural gas is a cost effective method for heating and cooking, and is available in abundance. Besides solar power, natural gas is another good option but it produces emissions which, although it is considered the cleanest fossil fuel, still pollute the Earth. Unlike natural gas, solar power has no danger of harmful pollutants.

A home power system fueled by new solar panels is something that will not require much maintenance and needs no readjustments after the installation. Photovoltaic cells do not disrupt the environment, can be quickly installed, and are even capable of working on overcast days. There is always the option to install a small system and add to it later for more energy production.  Depending on the size of the system, a house can operate entirely off the grid, remain connected to it, or stay grid tied with a battery backup.      

Although each building has different energy needs, there is certainly an alternative method to provide for them. When trying to figure out how to lower utility bills, choosing to use a sustainable energy source makes it so that homeowners are not at the mercy of fluctuating energy prices.   

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