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How To Purchase Solar Panels For Your Location

When a customer is looking to purchase solar panels, they may not realize that their geographic location may be a determining factor in the size of system that they need to have installed.  Everyone knows that sunlight is something that is guaranteed to most areas of the country on a daily basis.  Therefore, it would only make sense to think that it would not matter where a home or business was located when discussing the installation of a photovoltaic energy system.  However, geography plays a much bigger role in the entire process than anyone might imagine.

The closer to the north and south poles that a residence is situated, the less light hours they will have available.  This is the standard by which the collection of the sun’s energy takes place.  To further impact this, only twenty percent of the light that shines down on a module is actually converted to solar electricity.  It has to be the right wave length, which is also known as the right color, and it also must be absorbed into the module and not reflected off of it.   These are all things that a customer must be aware of when they are going to purchase solar panels. 

Other factors come into play as well, such as the availability of full sunlight.  In areas that may have heavy tree cover, many days of cloudiness, or a building that is positioned behind structures or other obstacles, this type of power will not be as efficient as it may be in an open area closer to the equator.  Clouds and other things such as snow or leaves can further reduce the rate of production by twenty five percent or greater. Contacting a professional in this field is the best way to find out if this type of system will be beneficial to the home.

When an estimate is given on the cost to purchase solar panels, the output will be discussed in watts produced per module. Each module that is about ten feet in area can produce between one hundred and two hundred watts of energy.  Of course this is all dependent on whether or not the module receives enough sunlight to generate power up to its full capacity.   A household is primarily run off of 120 volts.  The equation used to figure how watts are computed in terms of voltage is to multiply the volts by the amps, which will equal the watts produced. 

One way to overcome an obstacle like living in a rainy area or a temperate climate is to simply install more modules.  In areas that don't receive as much sunlight, solar installers may recommend that the home or business owner purchase more solar panels to generate the desired amount of power.  Another way to overcome this problem is to arrange for positioning of the system somewhere other than the roof of the home so that it can receive more sunlight. 

Every home in the U.S. can benefit from the purchase of solar panels, regardless of their location.  It is good to understand why a contractor might suggest that a system in Connecticut have more modules included than one that might be used in Florida.  This can help the consumer make better choices for their particular state of residence.

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