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How To Save Money On Electricity

The effort to save money on electricity is something that is weighing heavily on the minds of many in the country. In a time and economy where more and more media and social hearsay are pushing toward emission-free, sustainable alternative utilities, solar energy panels on one's rooftop to power a household or business and its cost-effectiveness is often considered. Unfortunately, this idea often falls victim to a host of misinformation. The biggest question that many have is whether it is really even possible to save money on electricity.

In short, the answer is yes. In long, it has always been believed that only the wealthy could afford this type of “luxury”, but in reality, the majority of the population can find a home solar system cost to be very affordable while these systems have become more accessible. Along with the already steadily decreasing prices of panels and installation as years progress and technology sophisticates, anyone anywhere in the United States can take advantage of a federal tax credit initiative for renewable energy, which further reduces installation costs by at least 30%. In addition, depending on the state one lives in and that state's available incentives, there is the potential for even further cost mitigation. Solar energy has been a consistently efficient technology since the 1960s. This technology, though it doesn't experience drastic breakthroughs as often as other varieties of gadgetry, has a secure history of upward mobility and has been proven to save money on electricity, so there is nothing to fear where it concerns the added value to a home.

It is imperative that the homeowner purchases said equipment as opposed to leasing it long-term from a company, even though said company will provide other services and maintenance for their product as per their contract (the panels have no moving parts and are fine on their own; they will easily last more than 20 years with regular cleaning, so these services are often unnecessary). However, the starting fixed rate of most leases is raised incrementally by 3 percent each year, or similar figures, which of course only benefits the company leasing to the consumer and serves to increase the overall utility bill, defeating the initial purpose of switching to this technology to save money on electricity.

Purchasing the panels alone, on the other hand, with a very smooth, simple and expedient installation period of 1 ½ days, can prove that solar cells are one of the only investments for a household that will pay itself back in a brief period, and will also add to total resale value of the property while being exempt from added property tax. Through net-metering, a function within the power grid that credits excess energy collected by the panels back to the local utility company, (which effectively reverses the reading on the meter), will save money on electricity by eventually returning 2-4 times their initial cost. This function is available in most states. Geography is also of little concern, as the panels are versatile and can also be used virtually anywhere in the United States, reaching as far North as Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Solar alternative energy continues to be a popular, encouraging, and ambitious course for homes, businesses, and for the environmental conscientious, especially if the consumer is sufficiently informed. Over 150,000 people across the country already own mounted panels, and most agree that the time to switch is now. Take advantage of this new, stable equipment, to capitalize on the government incentives which favor those who engage early, and more importantly, to save money on electricity bills.

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