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How Solar Roof Systems Work

Solar roof systems are an innovative method of using the energy of the sun to power a home. This type of system has recently increased in affordability and ease of installation.  Locating a reputable business to provide and install a set of panels is easier and more convenient than many people realize.  A set of panels can be entirely mounted and ready to function in less than two days.  Joining the group of over 150,000 homeowners nationwide to harness photovoltaic energy to reduce the cost of powering a building is less of an imposition now that the cost of panels has decreased so greatly.

A series of grid-connected PV cells make up a panel, and a series of panels are installed because one panel is only capable of absorbing and converting a certain amount of energy. The most effective strategy is to utilize multiple panels.  Typical solar roof systems include multiple panels, a power inverter (used to transform direct current to alternating current), interconnection wiring and occasionally a battery or a solar tracker, which orients the panels at proper angles to receive the best light.

Solar roof systems work through the use of photovoltaic technology.  This technology uses certain materials to absorb light photons and release electrons that are transformed so that their electric current can be used as DC electricity. Different photons can hold varying amounts of energy, depending on where the photons fall in the range of wavelengths in the solar spectrum they may traverse through.  They are then absorbed and converted into useable energy.  These systems compliment the already existing power services to the house by reducing utility bills through generating their own clean energy.

There are two installation methods for mounts: one that secures the cells directly to the structure of the roof and one that uses weight to steady them on ballasting foot mounts, allowing for a less secure mount but making relocating far easier in the future. A rooftop installation is not the only option for homeowners. Those that have spacious areas can be ideal candidates for ground installations.

One of the greatest myths about this type of power source is that homes located in the north are unable to benefit from their installation.  This is simply not true. The benefits of harnessing sunlight into power are effective for people as far north as some Canadian provinces.  There is not one location in the United States that is ineligible for using this technology.

Many companies offer the option of leasing solar panels, but with a 3% increase on the lease annually it does not take long for costs to far exceed what one expected. The only way to take full advantage of solar roof systems is to deal with a company that sells them outright.  This is the best way to alleviate increasing utility costs and fully benefit from the sun’s energy.

By contacting a specialist that is knowledgeable in solar roof systems, the homeowner will be able to find out exactly which system would work best for their particular needs.  The company representative will make sure that there is ample space and that the positioning of the panels will be sufficient to receive the maximum amount of sunlight each day.   

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