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How SunRun, Solar City and Soluxe Solar Differ

As home and small business owners find the option of solar power systems increasingly affordable, names like Sun run, SolarCity and Soluxe Solar come up as viable options to do business with.  When the consumer finds several companies that offer similar benefits, it is important to choose the company that will be most reliable and affordable.

SunRun sends a specialist to evaluate the potential clients home to determine if the direction the roof faces, shade levels and the overall use of electricity justify the purchase of  homes solar power systems as an option for the homeowners needs. Sun run owns the power system so no purchase of the panels is necessary.   After the price of installation the only cost is a monthly fee that is equally or less expensive than utility rates for the electricity generated.  Since the panels belong to the company, all monitoring, maintenance and repairs are their concern for a span of twenty years or the length of the lease.

SolarCity boasts of its ability to be an all-in-one service provider as well. The benefit of only needing to consult one company for all design, engineering, and installation needs has the potential to cut down on project complexity and cost.  By having an in house team to cover every need of the customer, SolarCity is able to oversee every element of the power systems they provide. Like many other solar panel providers, they realize that despite the many benefits associated with investing in solar panels, not everyone can afford to purchase them upfront and offers a variety of payment plans, from pay as you go to SolarPPA to Solarlease.  A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract to buy energy, which has the attractive results of no fluctuations in the cost of power from month to month. SunRun also acknowledges the appeal of low to no upfront costs that a PPA can provide.  The difference between a lease and a PPA is that in a PPA the customer only pays for the power produced while money spent during a lease is a fixed rate applied to the cost of the panels, regardless of the amount they generate

Soluxe Solar also offers many options for payment, with the choices ranging from self-financing, home equity or bank financing for their panels.  However, of the three companies Soluxe Solar places a large emphasis on the benefits of buying over leasing solar panels.  A portion of their website is dedicated to informing consumers of how their money is spent in the long term by reviewing the advantages of owning solar panels in comparison to leasing them.  Besides an obvious concern for the long term financial benefit of their customers, Soluxe Solar also offers non-disruptive installations of solar panels that can be finished as quickly as a mere two days.  

Each company takes a slightly different approach to the end goal of using the advances in photovoltaic technology to assist their customers in generating their own pollution free energy.   A thorough investigation of what each company has to offer is the best way to determine which fulfills the specific needs and budgets of an individual looking to take a more green approach to power production.  Whether they choose to work with Sun Run, Soluxe Solar, or another competitor, the consumer should take the time to find out the benefits of purchasing the equipment versus leasing it.

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