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How Window Replacement Can Increase Property Value

Most people do not put window replacement at the top of a to-do list because it can be expensive and tedious, but the benefits of changing out the old for the new are extraordinary. The differences between the old and the new guarantee that the buyer never regrets making the purchase, and some products will have additional benefits when tax season rolls around. The savings and advantages are felt and seen immediately, and it is a project that always increases the value of the property.

A person relies a lot on the interior of a structure whether for work, play, or relaxing at the end of the day, and a poor environment can have detrimental effects on the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the occupants. Poor windows can cause drafting and other unfavorable circumstances that can even cause damage to the interior of the property. New homes are built with functional, and generally, high quality glass that do not require a lot of extra work, but those should be cared for and maintained properly to ensure the life of the surface.

Is it time to think about window replacement?

If there is a draft felt when standing next to the glass, then yes, it is time to consider replacing it. But it is not always so cut and dry, and there is an actual calculation that can help a professional determine the necessity. The U-value is used to measure the rate of heat transfer through the surface, so by determining the heat difference between the exterior and interior of the glass, a professional can see if it is time to make the change.

The R-value works like the U-value but by calculating the opposite, the resistance of the surface when it comes to heat flow. People want a low number for the U-value, and a high number is best for the R-value. This leads to understanding why thick, double paned glass is ideal for window replacement.  It provides a thick level of insulation that helps minimize heat loss and transfer. Well insulated glass may cost more to buy and install, but the protection it provides is better and lasts longer.

Aragon is a popular inert gas that is placed between two panes of glass that provides energy efficienct insulation. Krypton is another gas often used between two thin pieces of glass, and is a better choice in some situations. Krypton is more expensive than aragon, however, using aragon when completing a window replacement project will save the property owner more money over the years.
Older homes will often need to consider the cost of replacing the frame, too, and this is an expensive part of the project. Many older homes simply do not have the structure to support the newer panes of glass without this step.

Window replacement can be pricy, but the advantages are many. There are loans, tax credits, and in-house financing that can help the buyer budget the purchase into installments, and the money saved on the energy bills will quickly pay for the purchase. To get started the property owner should contact an authorized, licensed dealer that can do some measurements and offer a free estimate. Get as many estimates as needed to guarantee an affordable solution that is backed by a great warranty.

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