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Information on Homes Solar Power Systems

A homes solar power system is beneficial in many different ways and proves to be one of the best upgrades for a house. However, as with any large purchase, research is necessary to make the most informed decision. When buying a homes solar power energy generator, careful research should be done concerning things such as deed restrictions, permits and other obstacles that may hamper the effectiveness of the system. The most common obstacles are the location of the house, any trees or other structures that may block the sun, as well as the condition of the roof.

The laws and deed restrictions are different in every state, and they should be researched thoroughly prior to making a purchase. Usually there are not any restrictions when it comes to adding energy equipment. The neighborhood HOA, or homeowners association, could try to hassle the owner about the equipment, but in quite a few states this is prohibited. In many states there have been laws passed that do not allow these types of organizations to interfere with the owner’s right to install this type of equipment. Although many states protect the owner in this type of situation, there are some that allow the HOA to request the owner to change the design or location because of the way it looks, as long as the changes don't impact electricity or cost more than $2,000.

Another factor to consider with a homes solar power system is the condition and structure of the roof. These systems typically last more than 20 years, so the roof must be in good condition to withstand the installation. Some companies request that the owner’s roof be less than fifteen years old when signing the agreement for installation. It is possible to repair the roof once the system is in place, but it can be difficult and costly.

When the customer is preparing to install the homes solar power system on their roof, the direction that the panels are facing is of the utmost importance to ensure maximum efficiency. It is imperative for the owner to find out what direction their home is facing and if it is in an optimal position for placement. For those who reside in the United States or Canada, the best direction to place the panel is South or South West. The professional installer will be able to mount the panels in the proper place and at the correct angle to get the most benefits from the solar roof systems.

The owner must also take into account if they have quite a bit of shade from trees. Since the equipment is getting its energy from the sun, the shade affects the energy output of the panels and branches can easily damage the units. For example, if a tree branch shade covers only 1/5th of the equipment the energy output drops 20 percent. . Also, if the equipment is only partly shaded and obtains power unevenly across the surface, the equipment may become damaged over time, leading to expensive repairs or the need for replacement. In this case it would be wise to have a tree trimmed or removed.

Before the owner installs the homes solar power system they need to check their local laws and deed restrictions as well as contacting a reputable company to complete the installation.

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