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Information On A Solar Energy Roof System Installation

For many customers a solar energy roof system is the type that they want to have installed.  This is the primary placement for these types of systems.  It only makes sense that people would want these panels on the top of the home as this is the highest point of the dwelling.  This makes it much easier to collect the sun light in the modules and then convert it into electrical power.  However, there is a little more to it than just putting some panels on top of a building.

When installing panels to create solar energy, roof variations are not that important.  Nearly any type can have this type of a system mounted to it.  There are a couple of different ways to opt to install them depending on the solar latitude and this would include flush mounting and tilt mounting.  It is also possible to install the types of panels and mounts that allow for them to be repositioned by remote whenever it might be deemed necessary to catch more sun light.  Of course the optimum type of mount would be to have the panels installed during a roofing replacement or the initial build.  This helps to flash mount the panels so that leaking is less likely. 

When a solar energy roof system is installed, it is anchored to the rafters with huge stainless steel bolts.  One the mountings are complete then the panels can be put in.  The panels must all be wired together in order to transmit the sun light that they have collected.  Each panel is only capable of holding so much photovoltaic energy.  The more panels that a home owner purchases, the more power they can generate.  This is often a way to gage what the overall project will cost.

After the mounts and the panels are installed for the solar energy roof system, then the installer will run the wiring through conduit and then into an inverter.  It is here that the sun light is completely transformed from DC to AC power that the home can use in lieu of electricity received from the on grid power generation companies. 

Most of the solar energy roof systems that are installed are grid tied power units.  This means that they do not work independently from outside power sources.  Electricity from the power utility company is utilized during the night time or during daytime hours when more power is used than the solar panels can create.  However, there are those that choose to rely solely on photovoltaic power and these customers are considered off the grid users.  They do not buy electricity from a large provider rather they create everything that they use.

An interested consumer may wonder who can install solar power? It is important to make sure that only those who are trained and skilled professionals working with certified manufacturers install these systems.  Making sure that the installation is done correctly can add years to a system’s lifespan and failing to do it right can add a lot of cost to the project on down the road. 

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