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Information On Solar Power Installers

Solar power installers are professionals one can hire to set up their panels and systems when they don’t have the knowledge to do it themselves, or simply don’t want to chance making the mistakes that a professional would know how to avoid. A professional will have the experience and the skills necessary in regards to the building, the roofing and the electrical work. Professional solar power installers will cost more money, but the peace of mind that comes along with their expertise is truly priceless. To have a job of this magnitude done correctly the first time and be backed by a warranty is something that is well worth the extra expense.

There are always going to be important questions one must ask solar power installers before hiring them for a project of this magnitude. The first question, as with any professional company, is finding out how much experience they have. While the solar industry is still fairly new, those who buy a solar panel system need a contractor who knows how to correctly set up the new system, as well as have done it for at least a year or so. Next, one would want to find out the efficiency on the product being purchased. Efficiency is figured on how much sunlight per square foot of a panel will be available. On average, the efficiency should be somewhere around 13-14%, though the more percentage, the higher the savings are. Always remember to ask about their warrantees and guarantees, as well as how long they claim their inverter should last before needing to be replaced. The inverter should come with a ten year warranty. Because all Photovoltaic was off-grid with battery banks for most of the beginning of the industry, until net-metering arrived, it is best to make sure the professional knows how to do both off-grid and grid-tied installations. Finally, find out about any certifications they may have and place a call to the Better Business Bureau to see if they have any judgments against them. The only certification that is recommended for a contractor of this nature is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). While the certificate is not necessarily required, as many businesses are willing to train their employees, this provides a type of guarantee that professional is experienced in this field.

There are some questions one should ask solar power installers that should always be answered with a simple “yes”. When quizzing the contractor about their business, products and abilities, make sure to find out if they give free estimates. That should always be answered in the positive. Ask them if they design the systems, and purchase their own materials, as well as if they know the building codes. Finally, ask if the contract includes materials, beginning and ending dates, prices and payment schedules. After all these questions have been answered with a yes, then it is generally a safe bet to get started on the project.

When considering between doing the job on one’s own and hiring solar power installers, it is good to remember that with a professional there is the upper hand of experience, along with warranties on the work after completion.  They will definitely know their way around a roof, as well as having the necessary skills to complete the project correctly and in a timely manner.

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