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Local Vs National Solar Panel Suppliers

Choosing between local and national solar panel suppliers can be a confusing task. There are a number of valuable questions to ask that can save the consumer resources such as money and time. What is the difference between a national and local company? Are the same brands available to both? Why is choosing a national company preferred to the majority of purchasers?

A local storefront will provide service to a specific small area or region. The company will have a few choice selections when it comes to choosing a brand and style of the photovoltaic system. Many people prefer shopping locally, and even small investments can help a smaller community prosper. However, choosing to shop locally presents some challenges that can be rectified by turning to a national company for those PV units and parts.

A national storefront provides service to a number of large regions. In fact, many national chains will have numerous storefronts in all major cities. This allows the company to provide a wide array of options when it comes to purchasing a system. In addition, it provides the experience of many experts to ensure better service to the purchaser. Of course, many people prefer national solar panel suppliers because they have a history in the industry allowing them to easily cover a warranty and guarantee for the life of the PV unit.

What are the major differences?

Choices differ a great deal between a local and national company. Local businesses are often limited in resources which reduces the selection of on-hand merchandise or parts. National names will commonly have warehouses filled with merchandise ready to be installed the next day. In addition, solar panel suppliers with national reach can provide more names or brands increasing their capabilities. A wider range of choices allows the consumer to choose the custom design to suit particular needs.

Warranties and guarantees can be as exceptional as the company wants to make them sound, but many are not worth the paper they are printed on. If a company has a ten-year warranty but will be bankrupt in a year that warranty is worthless. A national company is better able to back its products and services next year and into the next decade or two. Many local companies simply do not have the backing or protection enabled to provide the consumer with a reliable high quality warranty.

Service is generally better when it comes to a national company because of the training associated with established ongoing education policies. Companies want employees whether customer service, installers, or maintenance workers to maintain the highest standards. Many local solar panel suppliers simply do not have the finances available to offer such a high level of training for employees.

Another benefit of a national chain is that many offer in-house financing options. Having the ability to work with the company directly helps ensure more consumer achieve the dream of owning a renewable energy source. Most local companies do not have this capability.

Hiring a national solar panel supplier is just commonsense. The organization is able to cater to the needs of the consumer. Local companies do have their benefits and some provide exceptional personal service, but with a large investment, experience is the key to a successful installation.

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