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Lower Utility Costs Generated By Home Appliances

During tough economic times, consumers are looking for ways to lower utility costs.  Some bills are always going to be fixed at a certain rate.  The price of energy to a home, however, can be reduced by upgrading some common appliances.  Technology has advanced to a state where money savings is possible with a few alterations.

The government has created a program called Energy Star that is used for newer appliances.  The EPA and Department of Energy joined forces to create this helpful and money saving program. Appliances that are Energy Star certified have a blue label on the unit.  In 2010 alone, consumers that used Energy Star appliances saved a total of $18 billion on utility bills!

One of the items in a home that drains the most energy is the refrigerator. This is due to the sheer fact that the unit literally runs all day. On average, these older units can use up to three times more energy than their newer counterparts.  It is also important to check the seals on these units to make sure that no cold air is escaping. Guidelines are available in stores and online to show consumers how much Energy Star appliances can save through the years.  This information is often listed right on the front of the new product.

Another appliance that can be upgraded is the dishwasher.  Consumers today have many options to choose from when selecting the type of dishwasher that is most suitable.  Different colors are available including a stainless steel option.  Data collected over time shows that this product when Energy Star labeled will save the consumer at least $120 on lower utility costs over the life of the product.  

Today, washers have also become very high tech.  In recent years, front loading washers have become popular, and these units also help lower utility costs.  In general, today’s washers will use 60 percent less water and 40 percent less energy than older models. Consumers may also qualify for certain rebate programs with these units. Tax incentives can also be achieved by using Energy Star products. The price may be a little more expensive upfront, but the savings over the life of the product will make up for the initial higher cost.

Switching from natural gas appliances to electrical appliances is another way for the consumer to save money.  Natural gas prices have remained far more expensive through the years than electricity prices.  Over the life of the appliance, the savings will be greater when using electricity instead of gas.

Air-conditioning units can also zap a lot of energy during the summer months (especially in warmer regions of the country).  On average, Energy Star units will save the consumer around 10 percent more than the older counterpart.  Lower utility costs are a great benefit for those that rely on central air conditioning in their homes.

Saving money while utilizing new appliances is a great way to lower utility costs.  New home appliances can be purchased and older units can be upgraded.  All in all, the initial investment will pay for itself and then some in the years to come.  Go out today and find the appliance that will suit all the needs of the household for greater comfort and financial savings.

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