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Negating The Myths About Solar In Connecticut

When it comes to alternative energy sources such as solar, CT paves the way in removing long held myths, and showing how far photovoltaic technology has come.  Fallacies are many when learning about renewable energy, especially when it comes to the northern states. Finding out the facts empowers the shopper and property owner ensuring the right type of renewable energy source is utilized for the property. Yes, regardless of a popular myth, even the cooler states can use such technologies without worry.

What are a few of the myths associated with solar in CT and other states?

Myth One: It is too expensive to obtain renewable energy.

Truth: Photovoltaic technology has never been more cost effective and affordable. Manufacturers are making plenty of systems and parts driving the price down. Plus purchasers can get up to 30% of their investment back thanks to tax credits and rebates. There may even be local incentives to assist property owners when it comes to purchasing panels. Just a few years ago the average price for a complete system was $56k; today that same unit would cost below $20K. Savings and prices are very reasonable.

Myth Two: The upfront cost is too much and finding financing is difficult.

Truth: Many property owners can get a complete system with no money down or very little down thanks to different financing options.  Loan officers with expertise in the industry know how to find the best loans for the consumer, meaning lower interest rates and no money down. Obtaining a unit with photovoltaics is possible for almost anyone even those with less than ideal credit.

Myth Three: Trying to obtain solar in CT, VT, and other northern regions is impossible because of the lack of sun.

Truth: Actually any area can benefit from renewable energy produces by a PV array. However, many companies will suggest tying into a utility grid just in case an emergency arises. The sun is still available in almost every part of the world. Germany is the leader per capita in PV technology yet does not have a lot of direct sunlight. Companies know how to place the system for ideal collection.

Myth Four: Photovoltaic arrays actually produce a large amount of emissions causing more harm than good.

Truth: PV arrays are one of the cleanest forms of energy today. In fact, the emissions do not even register when tested. Obtaining solar power in CT or any other state is completely emission free negating any trace of carbon footprints left behind.  One reason people want renewable energy sources is for its clean power that does not pollute or harm the environment. PV units are by far the cleanest.

Whether seeking solar solutions in CT, MT, ID, or TX, being able to address the myths accurately is beneficial to the purchaser. PV systems can be quite the investment however, understanding the facts of solar power and removing the myths can make the purchaser feel more confident about buying their system. Then they get the ability to enjoy utilizing the suns energy to power their home.  

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