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Benefits of a Checkup

Improve Air Quality

Leaky and drafty homes and uncleaned ducts are a leading cause of allergies, respiratory ailments. Our objective is to improve your air quality and overall comfort ... while lowering your monthly energy costs at the same time. Your family will breathe cleaner air ... all while you put more money into your pocket.

Reduce Monthly Energy Bills … Permanently

Our objective is to decrease your overall costs for electricity, heat and cooling, even if you require 100% financing of your energy improvements. Remember, now you make monthly utility payments and these payments never end. Imagine if you could lower the total amount you pay monthly. You would enjoy a permanent reduction in your cost of living.

Increase the Value of Your Home Immediately

Imagine two identical homes, one with lower operating costs than the other. The home with lower operating costs will be worth more. That is what happens when you reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills: Your home’s value increases immediately.

Soluxe Seal of Approval

We know what it’s like to find qualified contractors you can trust. We help you find qualified and insured contractors. And then we coordinate their work. If you have questions or problems, call us – it’s our job to fix them, not yours.

Soluxe Guarantees

If we can’t show you how to lower your monthly bills, do nothing. If we can’t show you how to finance your improvements without any money down, do nothing. If you are not 100% satisfied with our checkup, don’t pay us! In any event, you can apply the cost of your checkup to your energy upgrades.


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We help homeowners

 Evaluate air quality and
       energy usage

 Find the most cost-effective
       (NOT the most expensive)

 Reduce monthly utility bills

 Find qualified and insured

 See your project through to

You pay us nothing. Our contractors pay us only if you are 100% satisfied.

Meet Our Team

Jeffrey Mayer

Chief Executive Officer

Energy Experience:
Since 1985

"Every business is built on a set of shared values and beliefs that underlie its brand. Our core value is what we call the Customer Golden Rule: Do for our customers what we would expect done for us."