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Our CEO's own story

Let me tell you why we started Soluxe.

It all started when the truck arrived.

It was a bright sunny day in December. A flatbed truck rumbled up the driveway and my wife and I eagerly greeted the arrival of our solar panels and a friendly installation team from Dawn Solar in New Hampshire.

Not so fast. As they opened the cartons I saw their faces fall. “Looks like they forgot to pack the right bolts,” they moaned. Soon after, they were on their way back to the home office.

Fast-forward a couple of very long weeks. The crew finally returned and our panels went up smoothly. The electrician wired the rooftop array to our switchbox. I proudly climbed up the ladder with friends and stood on our flat roof, showing off our new panels. The panels were among the best made, I explained, and carried a 25-year guarantee. Even better, the manufacturer certified its installers and assured us of a quality job.

Then the waiting began. When the crew said goodbye, they assured me the utility would show up to approve our installation and connect us to the grid. But nothing happened.

We called the company. No answer. We sent emails. No reply. We sent certified letters. Nothing.

In desperation, we called a leading solar installer in Connecticut. We asked them if they would complete our project. Within a couple days they were on site inspecting our solar system and sent us their report.

Their conclusion shocked us. Dozens of building code violations. Dangerous ungrounded wires. Incorrectly sized combiner boxes. Sloppy wiring. Tripping hazards. Flimsy supports that would not hold up in a windstorm. Plastic ties were also being used in place of correct wire management systems that would rapidly degrade in sunlight in a matter of years.

Our new installer fixed the mess. They rewired. They replaced the defective equipment. They replaced the plastic ties. Now our meter is running backwards.

We learned a valuable lesson. Not allenergy efficiency contractors are equal. And we made a resolution. We would introduce a new level of quality assurance and customer service to the business of helping homeowners with renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is booming. The solar industry alone grew 67% in 2011. Homeowners love these products. They are now affordable. They are good for the planet. They are incredibly good for your wallet. No bank or stock market can offer returns like the savings that energy efficiency technologies provide.

Moreover, these are proven technologies. There are more efficient furnaces that have been generating heat for years. There are solar panels that have been producing energy for 40 years. In the case of insulation, duct sealing and rooftop solar, there are no moving parts.

So why Soluxe? Because a booming industry attracts both good and bad companies. How can homeowners and businesses that are busy with their own daily affairs be expected to know the difference?

Solar PanelsCustomers need to have a trusted partner at their side. Over 100 years of combined experience has taught the Soluxe management team one thing. We call it the Golden Rule of Business: Do for our customers what we would want done for us.

My wife and I learned the hard way. There’s no reason our customers should have the same experience. With Soluxe you get the best equipment and quality installation. And you’ll get something even more valuable: Peace of mind.

Best wishes,

Jeffrey Mayer
President and CEO
Soluxe Solar