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Energy Audit


Save money on your utility bills.

Pinpoint areas of your home where
energy is wasted.

Discover structural and safety problems such
as rot and mold before they lead to more costly

Prioritize cost-effective improvement opportunities.

Make your home more comfortable and pleasant.

Increase the resale value of your home.

Ideal For Homes And Small Businesses With:

Homeowners who believe they are paying too much for their electricity or have unexpected increases in heating and fuel bills.

Homes that have stuffy, uncomfortable rooms or areas that are difficult to heat or cool properly.

How It Works:

Compare your energy efficiency to homes across the country with free online software.

Contact your local utility to learn whether they offer energy audits for their customers.

Hire a professional home energy auditor to learn how you can improve your home’s efficiency.


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We help homeowners

 Evaluate air quality and
       energy usage

 Find the most cost-effective
       (NOT the most expensive)

 Reduce monthly utility bills

 Find qualified and insured

 See your project through to

You pay us nothing. Our contractors pay us only if you are 100% satisfied.

Meet Our Team

Irene Moser

Chief Administrative Officer

Energy Experience:
Since 2006

"Where was Soluxe when I was rebuilding my own house after a fire? I cringe when I think of how confusing it was to find contractors I could trust. I'm afraid to think of all the options I should have considered but didn't know about."