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Furnace Replacement


Efficiency ratings of up to 97%.

30% more efficient than older models.

Squeeze more heat from your fuel, reduce
consumption, save money.

Less repair and parts replacement than with
older models.

Avoid unexpected breakdowns at the worst time.

Prevent safety and health dangers from fires and
carbon monoxide from deteriorating or inefficient equipment.

Ideal For Homes And Small Businesses With:

Furnaces that are 15+ years old.

Situations where some rooms are colder than others, regardless of adjustments to the thermostat.

How It Works:

A licensed and insured contractor installs a new high-efficiency furnace.


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 Reduce monthly utility bills

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 See your project through to

You pay us nothing. Our contractors pay us only if you are 100% satisfied.

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Energy Experience:
Since 2006

"Where was Soluxe when I was rebuilding my own house after a fire? I cringe when I think of how confusing it was to find contractors I could trust. I'm afraid to think of all the options I should have considered but didn't know about."