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Qualities Found In Professional Solar Installers

Choosing the right solar installers to convert ones current electrical system to a solar powered system is a delicate issue. There are a number of things to consider when deciding on a contracted agent. Before considering different contractors, one should first gain a basic understanding of how the system, otherwise known as a photovoltaic or PV system, works. A PV system is powered by solar cells, which take sunlight and convert it to electric energy, or solar electricity. Consequently, these cells create a self-sustaining form of energy, which can be convenient in countless ways.

The PV cells are linked together to form panels, and the panels are linked to create arrays. Solar panels can be formed from using three different types of cells: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous silicon. The first question to consider when speaking with solar installers in the area: which PV cell will create the most efficient power system for the house or business? Monocrystalline panels have the highest concentration of silicon. This allows them to produce the most energy per square foot. The amorphous silicon panels are comprised with the smallest amount of silicon.  The polycrystalline panels fall somewhere in between the monocrystalline and amorphous silicon panels. It is important to discuss with the contractor about how much energy the household will be requiring. The decision on cell types is vital in determining a large portion of how much will be spent on converting to a PV energy system.  

The solar installers will be able to determine what sort of system device will function best. For instance, when installing these systems on a flat roof, the builder will need to form a weighted slant on which the panels can be installed. There are building requirements and permits to acquire in order to complete this task. In situations where permits or building plans do not agree with an immobile power system on a flat roof, they are able to create a mobile system on a pole. In this situation, they are able to create tracking devices for the panels which follow the sun throughout the day, absorbing as much sunlight as possible. The advantage of this tracking device is as follows: it is recommended that PV systems be tilted southward, as true south facing panels have highest energy production rates. When a panel is facing east or west it may suffer a 15-20% production loss. The tracking device allows for the panels to tilt to whichever direction will have best access to light, making it a highly efficient option. Using this understaning of solar latitude, these professionals will be able to help in deciding what sort of a system will be the best option.

While considering actual system requirements, there are also the business-related questions to ask. These may prove to be essential in finding trustworthy solar installers. Keep in mind, this is a long-term investment. PV power systems last a minimum of twenty years, so one would want to have it done by the correct person or team of workers. Some things to consider are: how long have they been in the construction business, how many PV systems have they installed, are they able to file for all necessary permits, and do they offer warranties?

With a few major points of knowledge in regards to PV energy, it will be simple to find the right solar installers for one’s home or business. In no time one will be on the way to renewable and cost-effective energy production!

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