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Reasons To Install A Tankless Water Heater

The popularity of the tankless water heater is on the rise throughout the United States as homeowners learn of the benefits it has to offer. Evolving technology has allowed for a resource saving piece of equipment that positively impacts the environment as well as energy bills. While the initial cost is higher than a traditional version, tax incentives and its many advantages make the tankless water heater worth the investment.

The original unit was created in the late 1800's yet it took time to perfect the idea. As the concept progressed it was initially found in only a few locations such as Japan and Europe. The growing environmental movement among Americans has had a substantial impact on U.S. sales in recent years. People are looking for ways to save money on electricity. Opting to make this form of upgrade will achieve both.

The tankless water heater, also known as on demand or continuous flow units, warms the liquid as it is needed which eliminates the need for a holding container. There are point of use models that are placed at an individual location in the home, as well as the whole-house model that ultimately warms up the fluid for use throughout the residence. When a faucet is turned on the liquid travels through the pipes and triggers the sensor switch on the warming element. By the time it reaches the tap its temperature is increased to the necessary level. Coils encircle the entire length of piping which enables the liquid to be warmed on demand as it runs to one or more locations within the home. The unit runs on electricity, natural gas, or propane. The smaller point-of-use units are typically electric while the whole-home model is commonly one of the latter two. Without the traditional storage reservoir there is unlimited access at any temperature desired. In addition, there is no need to maintain a temperature and therefore does not require continuous energy use.

Installing a tankless water heater provides homeowners with the opportunity to benefit in many ways. Not only do they allow for an endless volume of heated water for everything from showers to loads of laundry, they do so in a power efficient manner. Over 80% of energy use will be eliminated and thus substantially decreases utility bills. Due to the reduced environmental impact, the consumer qualifies for various incentives such as utility company rebates and state mandated tax credits where applicable. Without the holding container the size of the equipment is much more compact as well. This enables its placement inside or out and in inconspicuous locations such as in cabinets or an out of the way spot in the garage. Without the chance of corrosion or leaks these units tend to withstand double the lifespan of traditional models. Lastly, the benefits they provide the user as well as the environment can contribute to an increased property and resale value.

Working with an experienced professional certified to carry out such an installation will ensure the correct tankless water heater is selected and placed in an adequate location. They can provide guidance in the model and capacity that will best meet the needs of the residence. Additionally, labor may be necessary to run specific pipes and power. The model chosen and extent of installation will contribute to the overall upgrade cost.

While the initial investment may be more than that of a traditional model, the benefits provide a substantial return for many years. With the growing green movement it comes as no surprise that Americans are increasingly adding this technology to their homes.

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