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Roof Solar Panel System Vs. Ground Installation

Many people who are opting for alternative energy source often choose to have a roof solar panel system installed. This is a logical placement for the collection grids since this is the highest point of a home.  The optimum access to sunlight can be ideal for collecting it to convert into solar electricity.  This is also likely to be the point where there is the least amount of obstruction to the sky.  Therefore, the thought process is that the higher the better when this type of energy source is being installed.

Because the top of the home with a roof solar panel system is the most visible configuration, nearly everyone just automatically assumes that this is the correct location for solar collection equipment.  However, this may not be the right area of installation for every home.  Shade trees, other homes located in close proximity and other buildings can obstruct the top of a home.  In these cases, it may be wise to consider other areas.

Most people also opt for the top of the home because it doesn’t take up additional space on the property.  However, sometimes this isn’t the best choice.  If the material on top the house is composed of shake or tiles, this can also cause the installation of the energy collection plates to cost considerably more.  If the pitch is quite steep, then there also may be additional hardware involved in the installation of the energy collection system.  All of these reasons can lead to a home owner deciding that perhaps another area would be more suitable for the installation.

Before making the final decision on whether it should be a roof solar panel system or one that is located elsewhere, the criteria for collection energy should be defined.  Basically this system needs two crucial requirements which are an unobstructed access to sunlight and the proper tilt.  The farther a home is located from the equator, the greater the tilt that is necessary.  With this in mind, it is possible to achieve these two requirements on the ground.  Ground installation is possible if the home owner has the extra space for it. 

Most of the time, it is a roof solar panel system seems to be the most popular type found in urban or suburban neighborhoods.  In all likelihood, though, there are probably just as many systems that are located somewhere else but are not as visible as the top of a house. 

Whenever a home owner contacts an experienced installation company, they will be able offer good advice as to the best area of the home for the installation.  It is true that a roof solar panel system may be the first choice, but other options will almost always exist.  It is then left up to the preference of the home owner as to which type of system to choose. 

It is good to have choices especially when these choices will have no direct impact on functionality.  As long as the sun is shining on the collection plates, then this is an area that can be used.

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