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Save Money And The Environment With Geothermal Cooling

A new process designed to help customers, businesses and the environment has been invented in the form of geothermal cooling.  This technique can be used to lower the temperature of homes throughout the country. These units provide an ecologically friendly means to cool a home, but to see the full potential of the benefits, it is important to understand how this system works.

Air is extracted from the inside of a building or home and moved into the earth.  The heat that is exchanged back into the earth goes through a process including expansion, condensation, evaporation and compression. A compressor puts off refrigerant to a heat exchanger.  The heat is then absorbed into the earth (well water) and the refrigerant turns cold.  This substance then goes through a heat exchanger.  Humid warm air that is in the duct system goes over the cold coil.  The air is then lower in temperature and goes back into the building to cool the space.

In order find out if this process is a good fit for a home, a few things must be considered and explored first.  Geothermal cooling must be able to be accommodated at the site.   The homeowner should contact a certified installer and ask for an assessment.  This installer can be found by locating a utility company or going through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.  Make sure any installer that is used is certified and experienced.   References should also be checked.

The next step in the process is to have the installer determine if the location has the right composition of rock and soil, adequate amounts of ground or surface water availability, and the landscape that is conducive for the usage of geothermal cooling.  Once a satisfactory result is determined, the business or homeowner should make sure that the unit installed has an Energy Star label.  An open or closed loop pipe system will be used depending on the geographic information obtained at the home.
The installation and cost of the unit can initially be a little higher than standard systems.  If the unit is properly installed, however, there will be more energy delivered as a whole.   There are many benefits to using this type of system, and estimates show that a homeowner should be able to recoup on the initial investment of geothermal cooling in two to ten years. In the meantime, money is saved by having lower utility bills. This system will work with new homes, as well as the type that initially contain standard systems.  A unit like this can also be purchased and included initially in an energy efficient mortgage.  A reduced mortage that incorporates energy efficiency could also be used to cover other home improvements that are energy saving in nature.  Special financing and incentives are also available to homeowners through some state, federal and local programs. Homeowners can utilize the internet to find the details of this type of information.

Homeowners who are interested in saving money and helping the environment should consider the benefits of geothermal cooling.  The unit is not difficult to install if a certified technician is used.  It is important to check anyreferences before proceeding with any initial purchase and installation.

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