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Solar Approvals Are A Necessity

Renewable energy is a smart purchase, but insuring the right solar approvals and solar permits are obtained insures a better purchase that stays within local guidelines and regulations. Understanding municipal policies concerning a proposed installation includes examining the complete process, from the equipment to be used to the location of the installation. Regulations protect not only the environment and neighbors, but are intended to assure the property can handle the proposed installation of a photovoltaic system.

First, a system must be approved by the state. Consent is based on how safe and reliable the complete system is for the locality and the intended use. For example, many states have separate PV systems for residential properties and agriculture properties. Plus, the state wants to insure the consumer is getting a high quality product that will function as intended. Usually, the state will inquire as to the power output and the performance rating.

The intended installer will also need to provide information to the state in order to get approved to provide a solar unit. Approvals and certifications are generally easily obtained by a professional installation company.  To obtain the necessary consent, the professional installer must provide their full business name, a contractor’s license number, phone number, and signature.

What information is required when wanting to install solar panels? Approvals are going to require an electric schematic, a parts list, a summary of the design, and identifiers for the PV system design and PV modules. However, it is important to realize that each state and each county has its own requirements for the installation of a system.

How long does it take to obtain consent? The answer will vary from location to location. However, the process is made faster if the installer already has certification with the state and if the PV system has already been certified. Usually, the minimum time required is three business days, but some states may take up to twenty one days to grant the necessary consent. Again, each state is different, and to have a realistic number starts with contacting the installer or the local municipal offices.

In addition to obtaining local government consent, an installation of a system must include a review of the Home Owners Association’s guidelines. Many HOAs have stipulations for solar panels. Approvals for the complete system and the installation process should be obtained prior to purchase. HOAs around the country have been cracking down on unapproved installation of PV systems.

A professional installer is capable of helping a homeowner take the fuss out of purchasing and installing a PV system. Consent is a necessity that keeps the homeowner on the right track and protects them from fraudulent companies. Each state has differing regulations on how to obtain the necessary consent, but a professional installer understands all the local guidelines, insuring compliance with any policies that have been put in place.

Understanding all of the regulations and rules associated with installing a PV system can seem overwhelming, but a reputable company will be well versed in the rules governing the installation of solar panels. Approvals and proper certifications are another aspect of what a professional installer does for the homeowner. The good news is that generally the extra footwork is all included in the price of the entire system purchase when going through a professional.

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