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Solar In Connecticut For Home Energy Systems

Having a home energy system that runs on solar in Connecticut is only a dream to many homeowners in that State. There are a multitude of misconceptions about the affordability, availability and convenience of the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels that lead many people to believe that using the power of the sun for their energy needs is impossible.  Many believe these panels are too expensive, yet once installed, the panels require little maintenance, adjustment or additional investment.  If purchased rather than leased, there is no 3 percent annual increase in payments.  The energy production begins immediately, so that after a brief two day installation period the panels are already working towards paying for themselves and should do so for decades.

Contrary to popular belief there are very few places in the United States that don’t receive enough sun to benefit from the purchase of photovoltaic panels for their home or office. New England receives only roughly 15 percent less sunlight than Florida, which is an ample amount to power a home energy system.  

Thanks to suppliers of photovoltaic panels and all things solar in Connecticut, the New England states now have plenty of proof that there is no place too far north in the U.S. to benefit from this technology. Too many homes and businesses are missing out on the opportunity to benefit from solar energy solutions because they are misinformed about the current pricing and efficiency of panels. Plus they may not fully understand how solar energy works.

The photovoltaic effect, which panels rely on to work, was first observed in 1839. In 1883 a solar cell with 1 percent efficiency was created. In 1959, one with 10 percent efficiency was made and the following year it was topped by one that was 14 percent efficient.  Since that time, over 50 years ago, knowledge about the best materials to construct panels out of and how to improve efficiency has grown considerably.  With each year that passes the advancements come more quickly. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how rapidly this renewable energy is evolving for the better. 

There are currently 150,000 homeowners who utilize these alternative energy panels as an environmentally friendly method of generating energy and cutting utility costs. With panels that are capable of functioning as far north as Toronto, not only is solar doable in Connecticut, but in all 50 of the United States as well.  The only far northern stipulation is that the installed panels cannot face north, but an experienced installer will be able to survey the property in order to install a roof solar panel system properly.

Solar in Connecticut or other northern states can be a more beneficial investment than many realize because of federal investment solar tax credits or state incentives. Those states are more likely to have higher energy prices and the purchase of sun-powered panels gives owners the ability to stabilize those costs and prevent them from increasing over time. Net metering, an electricity policy that allows system owners to receive a retail credit for any excess energy generated is available for rooftop installations in over 40 states. A major benefit in addition to reaping energy savings is protection against blackouts. With no release of greenhouse gases and no reliance on fossil fuels, the use of photovoltaic technology is beneficial to the environment by harnessing a non-polluting, renewable resource like solar power. Connecticut and the other New England states have just as much, if not more, to gain from the use of PV cells as southern states.

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