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Solar Costs Dependent On Variety Of Factors

An unfortunate myth about solar panel roof systems is that they are too expensive to be a viable option for energy savings, but the truth is that solar costs are currently more affordable than they have been in years.  The recent drop in the price of the PV panels that solar roof systems use to operate has resulted in homeowners and small business owners having the ability to convert to an eco-friendly and cost effective method of generating electricity.  

The solar costs of a home and business are each unique because the needs of each building vary greatly. The impact of running a small solar power plant by oneself can depend on what appliances and amenities that home features.  A homeowner or small business owner may feel that they are limited in energy production because of the shape and size of the roof. However, peel and stick panels are often the alternative route when this is the case. Also, if the home or business has property that surrounds the building then a ground installation is the next best thing.   

Sophisticated photovoltaic technology makes the switch to relying on a roof system for power inexpensive, easy to obtain, and convenient. The conversion of photons from the sun into useable energy through the operation of a roof system that can be installed in fewer than two days can make a lasting change to utility bills.  While the price of utilities may change, the output of energy from the panels will not.  After the initial payment for buying solar panels installing them, the panels can pay for themselves with the energy they generate, and the money they save on electric bills.  The long term reliability of the panels, paired with the immediate and long term returns make solar costs far cheaper than what people generally expect.  A set of panels can function for 40 plus years. After that time the decrease in efficiency is so small that those same panels can still be used to provide ample energy for many years after that.  

Homeowners currently have the opportunity to buy rather than lease, which in the long run saves them an added 3% annually.  Many companies that provide leasing as an option do not offer leases that have fixed rates. In turn, leasing will end up costing the customer more than if they had just purchased the system. The long term reliability paired with the immediate and long-term returns make buying seem like the most cost-effective approach to getting the most out of this energy. 

Solar costs can also be diminished or negated through federal, state, and local rebates or incentives, such as Net Metering. The electricity policy allows an owner of a solar roof system to redeem a retail credit for some of the energy they create.  The opportunity to participate in a program like this is available in 46 states, and consulting a professional can shed light on whether or not that renewable energy incentive is an option in the area the roof system is being installed.  Increasing the value of a home, receiving a positive return on investment, stabilizing electricity costs and free energy are but a few of the benefits that switching to photovoltaic technology provides.

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