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A Solar Hot Water Heater Is A Smart Investment

A solar hot water heater is something of a new type of technological advancement in the residential space, allowing the homeowner to enjoy the same benefits of the traditional appliance, while cutting down on their energy bills and helping out the environment at the same time. There’s no shortage when it comes to the volume of products that are available to the consumer, ranging in price and their effectiveness, so it’s important to do one’s homework on the best fit and power performance that can be purchased unique to the home.

On the surface, it’s clear that a solar hot water heater will save money, due in large part to the nature in which it absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it into usable energy in the household. Compared to the alternatives that are currently on the market, these particular variations can save up to 90% of all energy consumption, though most can at the very least experience somewhere around a 50% savings. This decrease in power would otherwise be utilized by electricity or gas, which means cutting down in the emissions of both of these alternatives by the aforementioned amounts.

Choosing one of these products is an investment, but it’s one that will likely pay for itself in a relatively small amount of time. The infrastructure of these products involves installing solar panels on the roof and will absorb the sun’s rays which will be used by the solar hot water heater. The savings that one can experience will occur daily, each time the sun shines its rays on the top of the household. An investment in this type of technology is magnified even greater when one considers the ever rising costs of energy around the world.

Aside from all of the dramatic energy costs that can be saved with this type of device, the environment benefits greatly from the long-term use. Using the sample size of a family of four, it’s been shown that over 3 tons of greenhouse gas-related emissions can be cut out altogether when compared to a traditional electric variation. This amount of emission cutting is akin to removing a vehicle off of the road.

A solar hot water heater also further benefits from the design of the product itself. There are numerous federal government incentives that offer things such as renewable energy certificates, allowing consumers that purchase environment-friendly appliances to further cushion their budget. Some states even offer certain rebates that can reduce the cost of the installation of panels on the roof, the costliest part of the investment.

Installing one of these products depend on a variety of factors, though the installation itself is relatively easy. Factors such as climate, building codes and safety issues must be taken into consideration before installing a solar hot water heater. The upside, among those previously stated, is the lack of maintenance that these products require, with some being as infrequent as upwards of 5 years, which can save on any incidental repair costs that may occur. It may behoove a prospective buyer to hire a reputable thermal system contractor to investigate the area of installation, and later install the device as well.

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