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Solar Integrators Are Instrumental In Installation Process

Solar integrators are the experts who piece together an entire plan for installing alternative energy systems that rely on the sun’s heat. They are the most visible portion of the industry, as they are the ones to talk to the customers and set up the systems. The job of a solar integrator is large, as it encompasses the duty to take charge of all the variables in such a project. They are always licensed, trained specialists. The installers work for businesses in the industry to put all aspects of the system and services into a finished project. This is to whom the customers speak when interviewing prospective companies, and deciding which solar panels to purchase.

Solar integrators are used regularly, in almost all the jobs that pertain to thermal and solar power. They excel as contractors of roofing and PV electrical products. They are also used as sun-driven thermal plumbers, HVAC contractors and mechanical energy auditors. Some installers are pool contractors for heating companies that install panels to use the sun’s rays to heat an installed pool. The range of jobs they are capable of is so wide because the industry is new and expanding constantly to take advantage of the free energy source. Due to its renewable features, this type of energy is the most efficient to utilize to power a building.

They are hired to take care of all details for installing solar power. Solar integrators handle the paperwork, permits, tax incentives and credits and the power company to speed up the process. They hold interviews to look at the construction site and plan out the system placements. The workers usually arrive with all the required materials, and install the set up in a couple of days. Upon completion, they will test the wiring and double check their work to ensure the installation was done properly. Often, the installers will do a follow up inspection after a few months. During the check up, they just make sure everything is running smoothly and all the wiring is still in the right place.

Prior to hiring, the customer should double-check the business’s credentials. The solar integrators should have a reasonable amount of experience. They should have all required insurances, licenses and previous training, as the work can be dangerous. It is beneficial to learn all that is possible about each company, as it is of the utmost importance that the workers know what they are doing. The business should have at least 50 active systems running, as well as testimonials to their work and past performance reviews. It is also good to ask about their liability insurance.

The jobs of these workers are large, as they run the installation show. This means that they are the ones to take care of every aspect of the installation, from permits to the construction work. They require prior knowledge, as it can be dangerous to work with wires and electricity. It is best to ask questions about their experience, their abilities and specifications about the solar installers who put up the system. There are always reviews available online, as well as with the Better Business Bureau.

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