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Solar Panel Info: Monocrystalline Polycrystalline and Thin Film

When looking for solar panel info, a customer will find that there are basically three different types of materials from which to choose.  There are mono crystalline, poly crystalline and thin film types.  There are pros and cons to each material, so it will be left to the consumer to decide which would be better for their budget and their needs.  Solar power installers as well as those that sell the systems all agree that the best choice for a home would either be mono or poly crystal materials.  However, the thin film material also has advantages that will be discussed below.

As part of the solar panel info that is available, there is a definition and composition fact sheet composed for each of these materials.  Understanding the differences in the materials makes it much easier to make a final choice. 

Mono crystalline which is also referred to as mono crystal uses one large cell to form the plate which is used to collect electrons which are then converted into energy.  Strips of thin metallic ribbons are attached over the top of this one large cell.  This is how the conduction of the electrons happens.  This is the most efficient type of plate that can be installed.

Poly crystalline which is also referred to as poly crystal uses multiple cells arranged together to form one large plate.  Much like the mono crystal, a metallic strip is attached over the multiple cells combined into one plate to conduct electricity. 

Thin film is not produced in the same way that the other two materials are.  This material does not contain any type of crystalline and it is not molded.  This allows for the material to be placed directly onto other types of materials.  This gives the thin film an extra flexibility that isn’t found in the first two types and it is considerably less expensive.  However, when it comes to efficiency, this is the least efficient of the three.  This is primarily because the type of material that is used to create thin film is silicon that is full of various impurities.  For this reason, the material tends to break down rather quickly, thus reducing its efficiency at a much faster rate.

When perusing the solar panel info one will find that mono or poly crystal is the preferred material to be used by installers.  These materials are the most efficient of the three and they are also much more durable.  While they may not have the flexibility of thin film, they are certainly going to last much longer.

Other types of solar panel info that can be found include where to opt for installation.  A customer will be able to find data such as roof solar panel installation versus having the system involved on the ground. There is also useful data on how the pitch of the roof, the type of shingles or tiles and other factors in connection with the roof will affect the installation and its cost. 

Other solar panel info that is available can outline what areas are more receptive to using this type of alternative energy production. 

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