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Solar Panel Installation

Because of the complexity of solar panel installation, it should only be performed by professionals.  In many cases, the rebates and other incentive programs that exist for the consumer require that the job be done by a company that is authorized to install a photovoltaic system.  There are many electrical problems that could result in someone not doing the wiring and other aspects correctly.  This is why it should never be regarded as a do-it-yourself type of project.

Whenever a home owner or a business owner inquires about solar panel installation, there are steps that must be followed by a professional company.  Once a licensed contractor has been chosen, they will have to come to the site to see exactly where the system will be required to be located.  While most packages are installed on the roof, this is not always the optimal area.  In order for the modules to collect an adequate amount of sunlight, there must be a clear surface area free of obstructions.  Sometimes a home isn’t facing the right direction or there are other situations such as hills that require that the modules be located somewhere else other than the roof.

During this examination, the contractor will be able to tell the home owner how big the system will need to be in order to supply the necessary amount of solar power generation. Some home owners want to be completely non-reliant on the power company while others want to provide a percentage of their own power and still receive back up power from the electric company.  This information will also allow the contractor to give the home owner an estimate on the price of the full solar panel installation.

Also during this survey, the contractor will ask questions of the home owner concerning what their current monthly electrical expenses are in order to come up with the right sized system to continue the usage that the home is accustomed to using.
The contractor needs to know the size of the system because each module or panel can only generate so much electricity.  Therefore, if the home owner wants more power then they will need more modules which in turn will increase both the size and cost of the system.

The contractor can also explain to home owners that not only is the investment into solar panel installation going to be rewarding in savings, but it also provides a tax break in many states as well as being part of a rebate program in some states as well, such as CT solar reabates.  On top of that, some states participate in a program called net metering that allows the consumer to sell any unused electricity they generate back to the electric company for a credit on their electric bill.

The incentives are clearly there to make the switch.  Solar panel installation can be done rather quickly, within two to four days in most cases.  Then the home owner can have the ability to generate their own power and save money while doing so.

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