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Solar Panel Kits Better Installed By Professionals

There are many people who consider themselves “do it yourselfers”, and many have tried to take on the installation of solar panel kits. These packages come with a set of solar cells, instructions, metal ribbon to connect them, a soldering iron and liquid solder. This is considered an inexpensive way to use the sun to power one’s residence, but there are many disadvantages to making the decision to construct the squares on one’s own. The downsides of self-installing solar panel kits range from expenses, to certifications and inspections to allow one to build them and set them up on their roof.

These solar panel kits are much less expensive to purchase, ranging from $50-115 per kit. However, one must also take into account the cost of shipping and the cost to construct weatherproof housing for the boards. While it may seem less expensive, in the long run it could cost many times that of simply paying solar installers to come and set up the system for the customer. When doing such things on one’s own, the potential to make mistakes due to inexperience is much higher as it requires electrical and roofing know-how. When homeowners have tried this installation in the past, they have found that they are not able to connect the grid with a self-installed structure. It could also prove difficult to acquire insurance for the home with a DIY installation, and it would be all one’s responsibility to get the permits and inspections done on the household. Not to mention that some equipment can’t be bought without having the license to own it, and the tools that are commonly used in this process are extremely expensive. Once installed, there is generally no warranty available for a self-installed system.

Hiring a professional contractor that specializes in this type of installation is the best investment for the consumer. These are people who have the proper experience working with these systems and know all the ins and outs of roofing, buildings and electrical work. These installers know all the necessary information and have installed systems before without anything going wrong. If anything were to happen with a professional installation, the company will be responsible to take care of it. The contractor will take care of the necessary paperwork and permits, and insurance would be possible for the home after the set up was completely installed. In the long run, hiring an experienced professional to do the work rather than self-installing means having the work done correctly so the homeowner will be able to enjoy the benefits of their investment to the fullest. They will make sure that the solar panel kits are installed and angled in the proper direction for maximum efficiency for years to come.

While technically DIY solar panel kits are less expensive, in the long-run it is simpler and financially wise to hire a professional for the install, whether they system is intended for the roof or the ground. As more consumers are choosing this alternative energy source, it is important to remember that this is not a task for the average weekend warrior.

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