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Solar Panels

While brainstorming home improvement projects, consideration should be given to the addition of solar panels.  Not only do they offer a positive impact on the environment, there are financial benefits both now and in the future, as well as gaining independence from utility companies while maintaining reliability. With companies readily available to install panels and the affordability in which they have recently gained, it is a wise economical decision all property owners should explore.

We live on a solar fueled planet, so investing in this commodity makes financial sense.  Living green is a topic at many dinner tables these days, with topics ranging from composting to recycling.  With the tools to utilize the sun’s energy becoming so affordable, most homeowners or business owners are within reach of obtaining their own solar panels.  The investment is just that, an investment, not a second mortgage.  Though the price of gasoline, food and insurance continues to rise, just the opposite is happening in the renewable energy market.  Solar prices have come down significantly over the past few years, making panels much more affordable for the middle class.  When comparing the current rate for product and installation versus the next few years of utility bills, the savings are unparalleled.  It is definitely worth taking a look at this option.

There is an unlimited amount of natural resources available in the sun.  There is no government control over the usage of sun power.   With the use of the best solar panels, that resource can be used for an indefinite amount of time.  When professionally installed by a trained technician, maximum exposure can be guaranteed. All that is required is enough roof space for the panels as well as exposure to the southern skies and any business or resident can invest in the installation. The installation time is short and non-evasive.  Once installed, they are out of sight and out of mind, until that first utility bill shows a zero balance, or possibly even a credit.  There is even the possibility of giving back to the community by returning power to the local grid. Some states will pay customers to return excess power, which can then add to the investment value of the system.

As for gaining energy independence, if an unexpected event causes damage to a power company’s transformer, numerous customers in the area experience power outages that can last minutes to days on end until the necessary repairs are completed. Producing one’s own energy source offers independence from larger utility companies who also control pricing and potential usage.  As the economy continues to suffer, prices continue to rise.  The competition is often nonexistent, so switching companies to get a better deal is not always feasible.  Businesses and residents are also subject to uncontrolled rolling black outs due to the economic hardship the utility companies are suffering from.  Installing Solar panels removes homeowners and business owners from the grid, therefore avoiding any outages completely as they are relying on the system that harnesses the unending energy flow from the sun.

There is a better solution within reach to be more ecologically friendly, free from the restraints of power companies and still maintain the reliability everyone has come to expect.  Solar panels are a home improvement project well worth looking into for both homeowners and business owners. These systems have been around since 1954, producing cleaner energy using natural resources.  A qualified technician is only a phone call away to get started.


Soluxe Solar offers installation of solar roof systems nationwide including: Suffolk County, Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County and the surrounding New York area as well as Connecticut and New Jersey.

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