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Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages Explained

As with any type of energy, solar power offers advantages and disadvantages.  While it is worth mentioning that depending on how one looks at it, the pros definitely outweigh any cons that there might be with this type of alternative energy. 

Most everyone realizes that their electricity bill can be drastically reduced or in some cases even eliminated with the installation of the panels that provide this alternative energy derived from the sun.  When looking at this renewable energy from this perspective, it is hard to imagine that there might be anything that anyone would consider being a con. 

Sunlight shines everywhere and is available to everyone.  This is one of the most attractive benefits of this sustainable energy source.  As long as there are no obstacles such as neighboring buildings, trees or other massive structures that obstruct the collection of sunlight, it is possible to use its light to turn it into solar electric power.  This is a huge benefit over other types of alternative energies such as wind or water because there are areas where a large body of water isn’t available or the wind doesn’t blow strongly enough. 

When looking at solar power advantages and disadvantages, it is important to also remember that even areas that are more prone to cold weather can benefit from this type of energy.  Just because a home may not be situated close to the equator, it does not mean it cannot use this type of alternative energy.  There are special brackets that are set up for manual adjusting or it can be on a system that allows them to tilt different ways automatically to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. 

It seems as though when looking at solar power advantages and disadvantages that there are many pros and no real cons.  However, some people might consider the fact that they live in an area where there is months of no direct sunlight as a con to this type of system.  However, even in these areas energy can be converted during the months that sunlight is available and then stored for future use. 

Perhaps when thinking of the solar power advantages and disadvantages most people would agree that the cost of a system would be one of the cons that are associated with it.  However, it does not have to be the financial burden that many imagine.  There are financing options available which make purchasing this type of system easier than ever before.  Many states will have tax breaks and other incentives to further encourage homeowners to make the switch.  Some electric companies allow for net metering.  This will make the generation of electricity through this type of system profitable.  Of course, it is worth mentioning that the savings made using a solar power system would more than offset the initial investment. 

Even if a customer considers living in a large city a con with regards to solar power advantages and disadvantages, there are systems designed for alternative areas in order to get around solar roof systems.  This makes finding an unobstructed area to place the panels much easier. 

With all of this in mind, it has to be unanimous that there are far more benefits and really no cons to this type of energy.

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